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Voodoo Doll Makeup - Creepy Face Painting Practice

Voodoo Doll Makeup: Creepy Face Painting Practice

The process leading up to me trying out a makeup tutorial usually goes something like this...  I find a tutorial or makeup that I love, I search youtube or google images to see how others have done a similar makeup, I totally fall in love with all their looks, and then I absolutely must try it for myself.  When I searched through some voodoo doll makeups I was locked in but I didn’t have any brown paint in my spiffy Snazaroo set, Michaels didn’t have any either, so I decided to give it a go with my NYX contour palette.

I covered my eyebrows with glue, this time gluing all the hair upwards toward my forehead rather than with the natural grain.  I dabbed them with concealer and powdered them with some loose face powder. I was hoping that brushing them upwards would allow them to disappear more but instead they just kind of blended into my face with a scruffy look.

I then covered my face with foundation and went crazy with my NYX contour palette.  Using a makeup sponge still slightly damp from my liquid foundation and swiping it over my darkest contour colour, I darkened all around my hairline, the hollows of my cheek, my eye sockets, and my collar bone.  I then switched between some of the lighter browns and dabbed here and there with different tones to give my face and skin a dirtier hue. I used my Snazaroo makeup sponge to dab white around my cheeks, forehead, and middle of my chest.

With a brown lip liner, I outlined where my stitches and heart would go, making them slightly wavy to give the appearance of fabric sewn together.  I went over these lines with my darkest brown contour colour then shaded out one side of these lines with a light brown, making sure to pay attention to where my shadows should be appearing.  I went over these lines again with black Snazaroo face paint then highlighted the unshadowed side with thin lines of white paint.

I filled in my heart with red Snazaroo paint and blended it with a little black paint to deepen the color.  I also added white stitch marks to all of my black lines, alternating between X’s and single diagonal lines.  I added a tiny half ring of black paint around the ends of the stitches, trying to give them a stitched in appearance.  I also shaded along the edges of these white lines with lighter brown contour powder to give them a little depth.

I covered my lips with some liquid foundation and outlined them with my brown lip liner.  I added more brown shading to my eye sockets and then sketched where my button eyes would be with the liner.  I also drew a few criss crossed weave spots on my chest and shoulders and blended them out just a tad with my foundation filled makeup sponge, attempting to give these spots a bit of a burlap look.

I outlined the button eyes with black paint, filled them in with more paint, then added some black eye shadow over that to set them.  I tried making little white X’s over the eyes but I didn’t like how it looked so I wiped those off with a wet q-tip, filled in the black again, and made 4 white button holes.  This also took me a few attempts and I still didn’t manage to get the dots very symmetrical or even completely round. I added some circular white lines to the top and bottom of the buttons to create the appearance of a raised ridge around the edges.

The Results

Voodoo Makeup Face Painting Practice
Voodoo Makeup Face Painting Practice
Voodoo Makeup Face Painting Practice

What I Learned

I definitely would have liked to fix a few things on this makeup, one being the texture of the burlap skin.  With brown paint and a stipple sponge I would have liked to make my skin tone much rougher. I would also have liked to do a cleaner job with those eyes, possibly bringing the black down under my lower lash line a bit to hide my eyelashes.  I really feel like I learned a lot about depth, shadow, and highlighting with this makeup.

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