Vanity Planet Palette 15 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set Review

Vanity Planet 15 Piece Makeup Brush Set Review

I was in dire need of a makeup brush upgrade and I really had no idea what to get.  I had been using some Mac brushes I ordered from eBay a long time ago but I had begun to suspect they may have been sneaky knock-offs when the heads started popping off the brushes not long after I got them.  Yes, I continued to use them for years, always having to fandangle the brush heads back on to the handles.

I had watched a few YouTube reviews, browsed some Amazon reviews as well and then decided to give the Vanity Palette 15 Piece Makeup Brush Set a try.  The brushes are cruelty free so from what I could tell we were already off to a good start.

The Vanity Planet Brush Set is Incredibly Affordable

I ordered the 15 piece Birchwood set on Amazon and the low price seemed a little suspicious for quality brushes but I went with it and hoped for the best.  They also had black brushes and a blend of pink and white brushes but Birchwood seemed nice so I went with the cheaper option. If you haven’t noticed, I love taking risks on products to save money and while it sometimes backfires, it also sometimes works out.

The Birchwood Set I Bought:

Vanity Planet 15 Piece Makeup Brush Set

Other Brush Color Options:

Vanity Planet Palette 15 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set (Black)
Vanity Planet Palette 15 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set (Pink and White)

These Brushes Include 'Helpful Hints' for Beginners

Until I got these brushes I had been using only about two or three brushes from my previous set and wasn’t even entirely sure what the rest were for.  I’ve been trying to get better with beauty makeup as I teach myself SFX makeup so I find it ridiculously useful that these Vanity Planet brushes have their purpose stated on each handle in tiny little unobtrusive lettering.  

Should I need a constant reminder of what the heck I’m supposed to do with everyone one of these brushes? Probably not. Do I? Absolutely, yes I do! Because the lettering is so small and neat, these brushes are still great for pros who don’t need the reminder because it’s hardly noticeable unless you’re looking for it.

Here are the Vanity Planet Brushes listed as such to give you an idea what I mean (the bold brush names is what you’d find on each corresponding brush)

Vanity Planet Palette 15 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set
  1. Kabuki brush to apply mineral powder
  2. Powder/blush brush to apply powder foundation and blush
  3. Flat-top stippling brush to apply light powder or creamy products
  4. Angled contour brush for blending and contouring
  5. Liquid foundation brush to apply liquid foundation
  6. Large fan brush to apply blush, blending, and highlights, and to brush off excess powder
  7. Concealer brush for concealing a concentrated area
  8. Medium blender for blending
  9. Smudging brush to smudge specific areas of a smoky eye
  10. Crease shader for controlled application of shadow on eye creases
  11. Large domed shader to shade powders and moisturizer-based products
  12. Precision concealer to apply concealer to small, targeted areas
  13. Rounded liner brush to apply cream eyeliner products
  14. Angled liner brush for precise eyeliner application
  15. Lip liner brush with cap to apply lip liner for a smooth contour

Brush Softness

Vanity Planet Palette 15 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set - Softness

I discovered the reason I never used more than a few of the brushes from my old set after I started using these Vanity Planet brushes.

The brushes are perfectly soft but not like feathery soft to the point of giving you no control of any powders you’re using. They hold the powder securely and then it goes where you intend for it to go.  I shouldn’t be astonished by that but I guess I’ve never actually used a decent brush before.

Brush Quality

Vanity Planet Palette 15 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set - Quality

Another quality upgrade I noticed between my two brush sets was that the Vanity Planet brushes hold the product perfectly but it doesn’t absorb right into the bristles.  It’s easy to use cream products with them because the product isn’t difficult to get off the brush should you need to switch colors.

I really notice the difference between switching the same brush between different eyeshadow powders.  My last brushes would often keep a little of the old color hidden in its bristles after wiping the shadow off but I give these brushes a couple quick flicks across my hand and I’m ready for a different color.  

Brush Shape

Vanity Planet Palette 15 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set - Shape

I keep comparing these brushes to my last mediocre set because I used the others for so long and the Vanity Planet ones are just so obviously different.  My last brushes were basically just different sizes of a bundle of bristles. Not really any shape, just little hairs poking out of a handle in varying quantities.

The precision concealer brush is a small bundle of tightly packed bristles that have a gradual angle so the tip of the brush is super thin.  When I use this to highlight just under my brows with a light concealer the product only goes on the teeny area I need to be.

The shapes on the Vanity Planet brushes are like little well trained precision machines, ready to perform some highly complicated makeup surgery.  The angled lining brush is a neat set of bristles set at the perfect angle to use even the most stubborn blacks and apply it only where you want it to go.

Brush Set Includes a Roll Up Case

Vanity Planet Palette 15 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set - Roll Up Leatherette Case
Vanity Planet Palette 15 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set - Roll Up Leatherette Case
Vanity Planet Palette 15 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set - Roll Up Leatherette Case

These brushes also come with a very nice black, leatherette case.  It rolls up and closes securely with a snap clasp.  It has a protective leatherette flap that covers the brushes while not in use.  I actually don’t use the case because I leave all brushes out so I can easily grab them at any time but the case is great for travelling if I want to bring my brushes with me anywhere. 

Overall Value of This Vanity Planet Makeup Brush Set 

I keep mentioning how happy I am that the makeup I am using is now going where I tell it to go but I really didn’t realize that the difference between quality makeup brushes and average brushes could be so immense.

Obviously, I’m very pleased with these Vanity Planet brushes.  Every brush is precise and the variety of brush sizes covers everything I need.  Now that I’m using great brushes that do what they’re supposed to, I’m finding it’s a lot easier to learn how to do better makeup instead of fighting with subpar tools.

Let me know your thoughts! 

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