Siren Makeup: Dark Mermaid Face Painting with Snazaroo

Siren Makeup (My Mermaid Plans Went Dark)

Mermaids are one of the most fabulous mythical creatures.  It’s basically mermaid and unicorns, the fantasy divas, running the whole show.  

I’ve wanted to try out a teal and purple mermaid hair color combo forever but who knows what that would look like on me so I settled for trying a mermaid makeup.  However, when checking out tutorials, I kept wandering away from mermaids and into the deep dark pits of the ocean where all the sirens and sea monsters live.

Today, horror won and fabulous will have to wait.

Mermaid Siren Makeup Tutorial

As usual, I blocked out my eyebrows with a glue stick, ran a few coats over both brows, going first against and then with the grain.  I combed them flat, let them dry, and gave them another coat. I tapped some baby powder on them, let them set a bit, then added a little concealer to tone down the dark hair underneath.

I blended some of my regular foundation over my face and went back through with some white Snazaroo face paint on a sponge to give me a slightly paler complexion.  I tried to blend the white into the skin tone of my foundation as much as possible because I wasn’t really trying to white out my face, just brighten it up.

Mermaid Siren Makeup Tutorial
Mermaid Siren Makeup Tutorial

Now we get to the fun part…I cut the lower leg of off some fishnets stockings I had laying around but never wore.  These particular stockings happened to be criss crossed at inconvenient intervals with a thicker line so I tried to place that thick line across symmetrical areas of my face.

With a makeup sponge and different colours of Snazaroo face paint, I started dabbing out some scales on to my face.  I went over the hollows of my cheeks, my hairline, and down the center of my forehead with a darker purple. I added touches of blue to the edges of these areas and dabbed some yellow and white the sections above and below my eyes that would need some highlight.

Mermaid Siren Makeup Tutorial
Mermaid Siren Makeup Tutorial

I used a darker blue paint to give my nose and eyebrows a heavy contour.  I did a dark smokey eye makeup using a little bit of eyeshadow but later switched to black and purple face paints.  

Strangely, I prefer face paints to eyeshadow, most likely because the eyeshadow blending struggle is real.

Mermaid Siren Makeup Tutorial

The last step was to tackle those vicious fangs and the dark mouth.  Every time I have tried to paint teeth, it has been a disaster. Teeth are very high on my list of things to practice and get better with.  I started by outlining the entire mouth area with black paint, then adding white streaks for the fangs. I outlined the teeth with black and filled in the rest of the open space with more black.  There was quite a bit of going back and forth between black and white to get the teeth shaped out properly and I feel like they still needed work.

I shaded the teeth a little with more black so they would have a slightly shadowed look then started blending the black of the mouth up into my face.  Any trace of lips or mouth shape that I was attempting was eventually just washed away by a big black hole in my face. The mouth could have either used more definition with lips and features or at least more blending of the black into the face.

I finished my makeup off with some little blue gems eyelash glued to my forehead and eyebrow ridges.  As I often do, I strayed from the tutorial I was following and later wanted to press the “undo” button in so many places.  While I always want to fix things with a makeup look I have tried, I also always learn new techniques and realize things I’m not doing correctly so I can hopefully improve on them in the future.


The Results

Siren Makeup: Dark Mermaid Face Painting
Siren Makeup: Dark Mermaid Face Painting
Siren Makeup: Dark Mermaid Face Painting

What I Learned

If I were to do this makeup all over I would have spent more time get the lips right on the mouth.  I could seem to make it look right so I just gave up on it.  I think if I’d have made a clean, white border around the mouth then shaded and blended the black in a little better it would have looked a bit more realistic.  The same goes for the teeth, the white should have been cleaner and the lines sharper, and then black paint shaded in more patiently so it looked like shadow rather that just squiggly, dirty, painted on teeth.

Products I Used

Snazaroo Face Painting Kit

Aside from the minimal Snazaroo paints I have, the only products I used were some random eye shadows and some cheap dollar store gems that I had around the house. 

Let me know your thoughts! 

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