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Scary Bunny Makeup with Snazaroo Face Paint

Scary Bunny Makeup with Snazaroo: More Face Painting Practice

I have been trying out different face painting tutorials and trying to teach myself how to do different SFX makeups and effects.  I’ve been pretty much just picking a random idea or tutorial I like and giving it a whirl. Because Easter was coming up at the time I was doing this, I wanted to try something a little more relevant to the season and decided to makeup myself into a diabolical bloodthirsty Easter Bunny.  I perused a few psycho bunny makeup ideas and then just settled on a photo I liked on Pinterest to use for reference.

I started by blocking out my eyebrows with a glue stick.  I coated the hairs with glue, brushed them upwards, let dry, and powdered with baby powder.  I reglued and repowdered twice more to make sure they were as well hidden as a chocolate easter egg.  *eyeroll*

I mapped out my massive bunny teeth and mouth with a white eyeliner pencil and painted the rest of my face and chest with white Snazaroo face paint.  I gave it a few coats to get it as white and opaque as possible so I could be the whitest, fluffiest bunny I could be.

I then outlined my white gaping bunny mouth with a thin brush and black Snazaroo face paint.  When outlining my mouth I took the top lip up over the tip of my nose so when I outlined my bunny nose it actually start about halfway up my real nose to give my face a more scrunched up bunny rabbit look.  I outlined lower eyelids about half an inch under my real eyelids to make my eyes look bigger.

I shaded under my fake lower lids with grey and shaded in some grey brow lines to give myself a perma-mad expression.  I shaped out some very exaggerated eyebrows and then filled them in with chaotic black lines to get some really unruly looking brows.  I added a little bit of pink paint under my fake lower eyelids and painted tiny eyelashes under those lines. I painted on lashes to the top eyelids as well.

Next, I coloured my nose in with pink paint and added some nose wrinkles above my bunny nose with black paint.  I painted on straight lines from my tear ducts to the corners of my bunny nose to give my face a more bunny-like shape.  I added some grey shading down the sides of my nose with grey eyeshadow to add some depth.

With black Snazaroo paint and a very thin brush I filled in the spaces between my huge teeth and outlined the whole mouth in black.  I shaded the edges of the teeth lightly with NYX grey eyeshadow and went back in the with white to give the middle of each tooth more highlight.  I also added some rough lines coming out of the mouth to give the lips a bit of a torn and vicious appearance. As a final touch I added three little whisker dots to each side of my nose.

I played around with this look a bit after it was done, adding bunny ears and some messy, backcombed hair. Eventually this bunny went from creepy to deranged when my husband decided it would be a good idea to to splash blood all over me.  Luckily he was the only one blood stained by the process and my blonde hair washed back to blonde. He’s a little apprehensive about helping me anything fake blood related now.  This makeup was definitely one of the most fun I’ve done so far.

The Results

Scary Bunny Makeup with Snazaroo face Paint
Scary Bunny Makeup with Snazaroo face Paint
Bloody Killer Bunny Makeup with Snazaroo Face Paint
Bloody Killer Bunny Makeup with Snazaroo Face Paint

What I Learned

I was pretty happy with this makeup but as usual, I had a hard time with the mouth area.  If I had taken more time and paid more attention to shadows and highlights I think I could have made the teeth look more real.  I also really just guess my way through the lip line because I didn’t like how it was going and then just tried different things until I could like it it.  I definitely need to carefully plan how I’m going to approach teeth and huge, pulled back monster lips.

Products I Used

Snazaroo Face Painting Kit

My Snazaroo Face Paint Kit that I've been using on all these makeups. 🙂

NYX Eyeshadow Palette - Femme Fatale

Grey from this
NYX Shadow Palette