ROWNYEON Portable EVA Professional Makeup Case Review

ROWNYEON Portable EVA Makeup Case Review

I’ve been teaching myself SFX for a few months and have slowly been adding a few SFX products to my kit here and there.  For a while, all these items were just piling up on an unused bookshelf with no home to call their own so I decided it was time to buy myself some kind of makeup case.  After a little research, I settled on the Rownyeon Portable Makeup Case.

A few more FX products piled up on my bookshelf in the very short time it took this product to come and when it finally came I was embarrassingly excited to get a look at it.

Size and Portability

ROWNYEON Portable EVA Professional Makeup Case Size; Large

I was a little worried the case wouldn’t be big enough or end up feeling like a low quality product but I was very happy to discover this case was exactly what I needed.  It’s quite large (16.1 x 11.6 x 4 inches) but not massive to the point of being cumbersome. It’s also very light so it’s great for carting around.

Case Customization  

ROWNYEON Portable EVA Professional Makeup Case Customization

The dividers are incredibly easy to adjust and there are enough of them to make this bag endlessly customizable.  There is a zippered pouch on the lid, which I ended up using to store the extra dividers I’m not using.

Plenty of Storage Space

ROWNYEON Portable EVA Professional Makeup Case Storage Space

There are 3 rows of makeup brush pockets and a flap that covers the pockets to keep your brushes safe from the rest of your makeup.  The shape of the case is wide and flat enough that you can pack your makeup in with maximum visibility, preventing you from having to dig too much for anything.

Easy to Work Out of the Case

ROWNYEON Portable EVA Professional Makeup Case as a Workstation

Because the lid has adjustable straps, you can loosen or tighten them to keep the lid propped open to exactly where you like it.  This makes very easy to have the lid open, flap flipped back, and work right out of your case, easily grabbing the brushes you need with the rest of your products accessible below.  The straps also unclasp entirely if you want to open the lid all the way.

Waterproof, Durable, and Spill Resistant

ROWNYEON Portable EVA Professional Makeup Case Waterproof and Spill Resistant

Another great feature I didn’t pay attention to until later is the waterproof, spill resistant interior.  I didn’t give this feature much thought until I stuffed a bottle of liquid latex in there with a loose lid and noticed a huge gooey mess a few minutes later.  All of the liquid goo easily wiped out of the case and there’s no hint anything had ever been spilled in there in the first place. The entire case seems very solid and durable which is great for clumsy, accident-prone makeup artists like myself.

Visual Design and Aesthetic

ROWNYEON Portable EVA Professional Makeup Case Style and Aesthetic

I wanted this case for practicality and it is absolutely perfect for that.  I really have nothing negative to say about this case, however, if I cared about how pretty it was it may be slightly lacking in that department.  It’s far from ugly but the case is just big, black, and boxy. There are pink and blue colour options available but for what I’d be using my case for, I figured anything other than black would get very dirty looking.  

The design is kind of plain and the shape is a little boring but it’s not unpleasant to look at or anything.  I just wanted something that will hold all my makeup and allow me to easily find things without having to dig around.  This case is absolutely perfect for me and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a big, convenient case to store a large amount of makeup, for either personal and professional use.

What do you think of this case as an SFX makeup kit for beginners? 

Let me know your thoughts! 

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