Pop Art Zombie Makeup - Snazaroo Face Painting

Pop Art Zombie Makeup: More Face Painting Practice

I have seen a ton of Pop Art Zombie makeups and they are so bright, beautiful, and fabulous.  There are so many different looks people come up with and millions of different details that can be added to these makeups to make them unique and amazing.  I wanted to try a really simple pop art zombie and picked a cute cartoon zombie tutorial to vaguely follow. 

Pop Art Zombie Makeup Tutorial

I flattened my eyebrows with an Elmer’s glue stick, coating them with and against the grain, then combing out and letting them dry.  I gave them one more coat, then set them with some baby powder. I blended some concealer over them to try to mute the dark hair below.

I covered my entire face, chest, and arms in green paint from the same old Snazaroo face paint palette I originally bought for my first makeup.  I gave my face quite a few layers to try to get the green as bright and vibrant as possible.  I gave my chest and arms more of just a green wash to make my overall skin tone blend better with my face.

Pop Art Zombie Makeup Tutorial

For my eyebrows, I used an eyebrow stencil and some pink face paint to get the general shape.  I outlined this in black and painted another layer of pink inside to make them brighter. I outlined some jagged marks on my forehead and painted this section in with pink.  I added some black squiggles inside to try to make this pink blob look like a brain. The section took a lot of back and forth with pink, black, and wet q-tips to get it looking passably like a brain.

Pop Art Zombie Makeup Tutorial

I gave myself some very heavy black eye makeup using grey eyeshadow to shade my lower brow area and under my eyes.  I used my blackest eyeshadow and made my eyelid as dark as I could, blending it up to meet the grey. I blended some black under my lower lash line as well.  I went over everything with a black liquid liner, mascara, and glued on my biggest set of strip lashes.

Pop Art Zombie Makeup Tutorial

I knew I should add some exposed teeth and so far, teeth have been a problem for me.  Almost every time, I sketch something on, it looks wacky, and I wash it all off to try again.  This time was no exception. On my second attempt, I sketched in where the teeth would be and outlined the gaping jaw in black paint, trying to give it a ripped and jagged look.  I also outlined the teeth in black and filled the spaces in between in with pink. I’ve come to the conclusion that I need a smaller brush for details like these and a much steadier hand.  I outlined the other side of my lips with black and filled them in with more pink paint.

Pop Art Zombie Makeup Tutorial

I also added random jagged rips to my forehead and cheeks with a black outline, filled in with pink paint.  These could have been much more detailed but I had spent way more time that I should have when trying to fight with those teeth so left the rips very simple.  I also painted a black skeletal cavity onto my nose, tried to highlight the middle of my nose with white paint, then muddied the whole thing with rushed paint work.


The Results

Pop Art Zombie Makeup with Snazaroo Face Paint
Pop Art Zombie Makeup with Snazaroo Face Paint
Pop Art Zombie Makeup with Snazaroo Face Paint

What I Learned

I liked the contrast of pink, black, and green but I’d have liked the green to be a bit brighter.  I’ll keep using the Snazaroo paints I have but I think I’ll be buying a Mehron 8 color palette as well to see if there is any difference in brightness.  I will be trying smaller brushes to help with my chaotic lines but I can’t really blame the brushes too much, I definitely need to practice more with making smoother and cleaner lines.

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