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Pennywise Makeup - Stephen King's IT Face Painting

Pennywise Makeup : Clownin’ Around with More Face Painting Practice

As my fifth attempt at any face painting and SFX makeup, I wanted to try something really interesting and maybe a little challenging.  I’ve started watching a lot of MadeYewLook tutorials and she’s pretty amazing so I wanted to try one of hers. I adore Stephen King and I love “It”, so I chose her Pennywise tutorial to follow for my next makeup attempt.

I started by gluing down my eyebrows with an Elmer’s glue stick.  I ran it over my eyebrows against the grain, then with the grain, then combed my brows smooth and let it dry.  I ran the glue stick over them with the grain and let dry twice more then doused them in baby powder. I let the baby powder sit for a few minutes, brushed off the excess, and then dabbed concealer on to both brows.

Once my eyebrows were hidden, I coated my face in white Snazaroo face paint with a makeup sponge and varying amounts of water.  It took me quite a while to get the my whole face even without a lot of pink fleshy tones trying to peek through. It was a constant battle between too much water and not enough but I’m starting to get the hang of it.

I followed MadeYewLook’s eye instructions pretty easily but I was very intimidated by those rows and rows of detailed teeth.  I took awhile alternating between yellow and white paint for the teeth, brown contour powder for the shadow, and black face paint for the outline before I came even close to what resembled a mouthful of monster teeth. 

After the teeth were as close to done as they were going to get, I filled in the mouth and struggled a bit (ok, a lot) with the upper lip.  I added some lines around the mouth to give the appearance of a stretched open grin and went back in to mess with my upper lip and teeth some more.

The teeth needed a few last stroked of white and a bit more outlining in black to really make them stand out from each other.  That poor up lip, I just didn’t know what to do with it. I wanted desperately to fix both of these sections but I was muddying up the whole mouth area so I moved on to the vertical red lines across the eyes and called it a day.

The Results

Pennywise Makeup
Pennywise Makeup
Pennywise Makeup

What I Learned

As soon as I was done I wanted to just start it all over and do a better job with my painting but I was still pretty happy with the overall look.  I’m hoping I learned some lessons in what not to do when painting tiny details so I plan to apply these skills to the next makeup I attempt. I almost didn’t want to try this tutorial because I thought I wouldn’t have a chance with those teeth but I’m glad I did because they really challenged me to pay close attention to what I’m doing and where I’m putting each colour.  

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