my first makeup - snazaroo skull

My First Makeup Was a Snazaroo Skull Face Painting

Lately, I have been trying to add a little finesse to makeup routine.  My attempts at contouring often result in“I think you have some dirt on your face…here, let me get that”.  My eyeshadow blending techniques needed a little work as well. So, naturally, I headed for YouTube and settled in for hours of makeup tutorials and suggested videos.  The suggested video rabbit hole led me to face painting tutorials and then those videos led me to SFX makeup tutorials. What was this new world I found myself in??

I could not resist trying one of these face paints so I went out and bought a Snazaroo kit and followed a skull tutorial directly from the Snazaroo YouTube channel.  The video said “advanced” and the artist did an awesome job so I thought, “this is going to be a disaster, there’s no way that is going to look like a skull once I’m done”.

But I gave it a shot.

It took me about an hour of trying different paint brushes, sponges, and even my bare hands to get a somewhat solid white base.  I eventually just sacrificed a few of my beauty makeup brushes and applied the paint with those. They were much softer and easier to work with than what I had been using and luckily the paint washed out just fine. My brushes were long, long overdue for a cleaning anyways.

I followed the tutorial closely, pausing and rewinding more times than I’d like to admit, and finally I had a full face of bone and shadow.  There were a lot of spots I had washed off and restarted and by the end I still had so many flaws I wanted to fix. Despite the flaws, I was really excited to see that I had actually made a somewhat passable skull face paint on myself!

Snazraroo Skull Makeup: My First Attempt at Face Painting
Snazraroo Skull Makeup: My First Attempt at Face Painting

One of the reasons I started watching beauty makeup tutorials was to give my blending game a little boost.  The amount of blending this makeup was asking for definitely gave me some practice and it was delightful to see the colours on my face actually cooperating with me for once.  These Snazaroo face paints are definitely more forgiving than all those powdery eyeshadows I battle with daily.

I snapped a couple photos when I was done and scrubbed the paint plus a few layers of skin off my face.  I had decided I really loved the process that I just went through from start to finish. I decided that this would not be my last face paint and I was ready to dive in to this new and wondrous world head first.  I wanted to get better at what I had just done and learn some real techniques. I also wanted to share what as I was learning, as I learned it, with anyone else who had the same love as me for face painting, costumes, cosplay, and SFX makeup….so here I am…

Let me know your thoughts! 

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