Mehron Makeup Paradise AQ Face & Body Paint 8 Color Palette Review

Mehron Makeup Paradise AQ Face & Body Paint Review

It was finally time to expand beyond my Snazaroo face paint kit, but this passion ain’t cheap so I still have to be somewhat thrifty in my pursuits. There’s also a myriad of choices out there for face and body paint, so I think it’s a good idea to test the waters lightly to get an idea of which paints I prefer to work with.  I do really like the Snazaroo paints but I was finding it hard to always get as deep and thick of a color as I wanted so it was time to expand. That being said, I wanted to level up, so it was time to test a new palette from a different brand. 

Decent Price for a Respected Brand?

I ordered the Mehron Paradise AQ 8 Basic Color Palette from Amazon. I’m still quite new to SFX and face painting so without much experience with different brands I’m always a little nervous to buy anything too expensive.  I felt like this was a pretty good deal for 8 colors and from my fairly limited experience, Mehron seems like a trustworthy brand (used by many professionals). 

Palette Colors and Size

Mehron Makeup Paradise AQ Face & Body Paint 8 Color Palette (Basic)

The Basic palette I purchased includes 8 colours, Black, Red, Dark Blue, Orange, White, Yellow, Dark Green, and Dark Brown.  The palette is 3.3 x 1 x 6 inches and each pan contains 0.25 oz of paint. I chose this palette to start with because it covers all the basics (as the palette name suggests) and I figured I would add other palettes later depending on how I liked this one.  

The other 8 color palettes in the Mehron Paradise AQ line are Pastel, Tropical, Nuance, and Metallic Brilliant. 

Paint Refills and Customization

Mehron Makeup Paradise AQ Face & Body Paint 8 Color Palette (Empty)

Refills are also available for the 0.25 oz pans so you can easily refill the colors you use often.  You can purchase an empty palette and customize your own palettes using the colors you like best with the refill pans. However, the individual paint pans cost a little more than they do averaged out in an 8-color palette so you are paying a bit extra for the customization. 

Mehron Makeup Paradise AQ Face & Body Paint Refill (Dark Pink)

This is an example of a refill (dark pink), how it is packaged and received when you buy a refill or decide to customize your own palette. 

When you purchase an individual color on Amazon, you can conveniently stay on one page and browse through all the color options to choose which one(s) you want. Be careful though, that also makes it REALLY easy to excitedly add them ALL to your cart!  

Highly Pigmented Colors

The colors are so much more opaque and pigmented than the Snazaroo colors.  I’m finding that I don’t need to layer the same color over itself with these paints and it’s saving me a lot of time (and paint!) not having to work over and over on one section to build up the color.

High Quality Case and Mirror 

I was also very impressed with the palette these paints come in.  It’s a hefty, shiny black palette that feels wonderfully durable and professional.  The inside of the lid is a full mirror that gives a perfect, crystal clear reflection with absolutely no distortion.  The mirror is large enough that I can see my full face and could work right out of the palette with no secondary mirror if I needed to.  

The palette also has a helpful label on the back listing the colors in the palette.  The label also includes a warning to not use the red, yellow, or orange colors around your eyes and to not use the blue or green colors on your lips.

Lightly Scented

While this is an unimportant feature for a good set of face paints, I will point out that they have a very nice scent as well.  When you open the palette you get a very slight perfumed smell rather than any kind of chalky paint smell. This has no effect on the end result of your makeup but it does make these paints even more pleasant to use.

A Couple of Recent Makeups I've Used This Palette For

I used this palette on a couple of recent makeups that I have listed here on the site like the Red Rose Sugar Skull Makeup and a bit on the Zombie mouth prosthetic (also the ice queen I shared on Instagram) but I will definitely be sharing more face painting using this palette (and maybe more colors from this line).

Red Rose Sugar Skull Makeup
Zombie Makeup Using DIY Zombie Mouth Prosthetic

Verdict on the Mehron Makeup Paradise AQ Face & Body Paint 8 Color Palette

Mehron paints, even though they are a bit more of an investment than my trusty ol’ Snazaroo kit, are definitely worth the extra money.  The cost is a bit more but, because of the difference in quality, you use less paint for each makeup overall so it might even average out in the end.  

I do only have the Snazaroo kit to compare it to, but this Mehron palette is fantastic because it’s brighter, has a nice scent, and comes in a heavy duty, professional looking case.  These paints don’t crack or stain and have fantastic coverage so overall I’m incredibly pleased with this purchase.

I’m so happy with the colors in the Basic palette that I would like to eventually add the rest of these palettes to my kit.

Let me know your thoughts! 

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