Masquerade Makeup: Lace Mask Painted with Mehron Face Paint

Masquerade Makeup: Lace Mask Painted with Mehron Face Paint

With Halloween coming up I got it in my head that I wanted to try a masquerade style makeup. I recently picked up a pack of Artist’s Loft paint brushes from Michaels Craft Store and I wanted to try the smaller ones out on a makeup with thin lines. Up until this makeup I had been using nothing but a set of old makeup brushes as my face painting brushes and they were getting very frustrating to paint any detail with.

Products I Used:

  • Maybelline Fit Me 102 Fair Porcelain
  • Mehron Paradise AQ Basic Palette
  • Artist’s Loft paint brushes
  • Dollar store gems
  • Black pencil eyeliner
  • False eyelashes
  • Sub Zero Primal Contact Lenses

Painting a Base

Masquerade makeup: Lace Mask Face Painting Step 1

Using Maybelline Fit Me 102 Fair Porcelain I gave myself a very pale base on my face, neck, and chest. I went over my foundation base with a thin layer of Mehron white face paint, dabbing it on and slowly blending it out using a damp makeup sponge. I didn’t want a face full of white paint, just a very pale looking skin tone.

Starting the Mask

Masquerade makeup: Lace Mask Face Painting Step 2

Honestly, I had no expectations of being able to paint a lace mask on my face. I also feel like I’m terrible at painting any shape around my eyes and having them both match. I took my new, thin-tipped brush, loaded it with Mehron black face paint, and like a terrified baby deer testing out its gangly legs for the first time I traced a cat eye shape around one eye. It was a little shaky but I knew I’d be adding a lot of detail that would distract from my wobbly lines so I carried on, painted the other cat eye, and added some swirls at the far edges of my eyes.

Filling out the Mask

Masquerade makeup: Lace Mask Face Painting Step 3

I added a diamond shape to the middle of my forehead and started connecting up the lines here and there, creating large empty spaces. I filled these in with criss-crossed lines that would serve as my lace. I attempted to fill in the spaces under my eyes with swirls but they got a little out of hand so I added some extra lines and detail in those spaces to fill it all up.

More Filling of the Mask

Masquerade makeup: Lace Mask Face Painting Step 4

I really wasn’t sure how big I wanted this mask to be but I didn’t like how the pieces under my eyes were coming so I added another section by first outlining an empty space and then filling that in with cross-crossed lines. I also closed off my swirls around the top of the Mask and added some cross-crossing in there as well to fill the whole mask out a little better.

Completing the Mask

Masquerade makeup: Lace Mask Face Painting Step 5

My mask was a decent size at this point but it was very incomplete looking and seemed nothing like the dainty lace mask I was going for. I carefully painted half circles around the entire mask to give the whole thing a lacy border. I outlined my upper eyelid with black paint and used my black eyeliner pencil on my lower water line so my entire eye would be surrounded with black. I then glued on the biggest pair of false eyelashes I had in my makeup kit.

I had intended to somehow paint gems into my mask but I happened to have a little pack of stick-on gems from the dollar store floating around so I glued those onto my mask at varying connection points. These gems are supposed to stick on but they never do so I always help them out with a tiny dab of eyelash glue.

Painting a Skeleton Mouth: First Attempt

Masquerade makeup: Lace Mask Face Painting Step 6

I wanted to have something a little sinister going on with my lacy masquerade mask so I decided to paint a skeleton mouth onto the lower section of my face. I can never get teeth right and I tried to keep them small but by the time I had the teeth and hollows of my cheeks all painted in I just wasn’t happy with it. I ended up washing off the entire lower section of my face, repainting my base, and starting again.

Painting a Skeleton Mouth: Second Attempt

Masquerade makeup: Lace Mask Face Painting Step 7

I wasn’t much happier with my second attempt on the skeleton mouth but I liked the overall look of it slightly better than my first try. I outlined all the teeth, outlined the empty sockets in my cheeks, and filled those hollows in with black. I shaded the spaces above the skeleton teeth with white and black but I think I should have settled down on how much shading I added because it got a little grey and messy.

Finishing Touches

Masquerade makeup: Lace Mask Face Painting Step 8

I attempted to put my Sub Zero Primal Contact Lenses in. The first one went in alright but the second one made my eye water and it messed my paint job up a little. I can’t really see anything with these lenses so I attempted to fix my black lines under the teary eye but I was mostly just guessing at how it looked. I tied a Halloween choker around my neck and called it a day.

Final Results of This Masquerade Makeup

Masquerade makeup: Lace Mask Face Painting
Masquerade makeup: Lace Mask Face Painting
Masquerade makeup: Lace Mask Face Painting

What I Learned

There were parts of my mask that could have had steadier lines and better detail but overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. The amount of tiny lines I had all crammed together did a decent job of distracting from any mistakes.

I was really not happy with the skeleton mouth not only because I thought it should have looked better overall but also because it really didn’t match the mask. I should have painted the black hollows in the cheeks much darker and made the lines around the teeth a lot cleaner. Darker lines and less of a messy shading job would have helped the whole makeup mesh together.

Painting this mask was a lot of fun and these Artist’s Loft brushes were so much nicer to use than my random old makeup brushes I had been using before. These brushes made such a big difference that I now can really see the importance of using the proper brush for what you’re trying to paint. I definitely plan on investing in higher quality brushes in the future.

Let me know your thoughts! 

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