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Cheshire Cat Makeup - Face Painting Practice with Snazaroo

Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland) Makeup with Snazaroo Face Paint

I came across an awesome Cheshire Cat tutorial by MadeYewLook and I had to try it.  The Cheshire Cat from American McGee’s Alice is the most wicked looking version of Chesh around so I thought this was just an utterly fantastic makeup. I blocked out my eyebrows in the usual fashion. Then, …

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Voodoo Doll Makeup - Creepy Face Painting Practice

Voodoo Doll Makeup: Creepy Face Painting Practice

The process leading up to me trying out a makeup tutorial usually goes something like this…  I find a tutorial or makeup that I love, I search YouTube or google images to see how others have done a similar makeup, I totally fall in love with all their looks, and …

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Pop Art Zombie Makeup - Snazaroo Face Painting

Pop Art Zombie Makeup: More Face Painting Practice

I have seen a ton of Pop Art Zombie makeups and they are so bright, beautiful, and fabulous.  There are so many different looks people come up with and millions of different details that can be added to these makeups to make them unique and amazing.  I wanted to try …

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Siren Makeup: Dark Mermaid Face Painting with Snazaroo

Siren Makeup (My Mermaid Plans Went Dark)

Mermaids are one of the most fabulous mythical creatures.  It’s basically mermaid and unicorns, the fantasy divas, running the whole show.   I’ve wanted to try out a teal and purple mermaid hair color combo forever but who knows what that would look like on me so I settled for …

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Cracked Doll Makeup - Face Painting Practice

Cracked Doll Makeup: More Creepy Face Painting Practice

I’ve been watching a lot of MadeYewLook’s channel and I found an awesomely creepy yet very pretty cracked doll makeup she had done.  I loved how she blacked out the eyes and made them hollow so I wanted to try this. I had also seen a Dope2111 cracked doll makeup and I really liked the …

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Pennywise Makeup - Stephen King's IT Face Painting

Pennywise Makeup : Clownin’ Around with More Face Painting Practice

As my fifth attempt at any face painting and SFX makeup, I wanted to try something really interesting and maybe a little challenging.  I’ve started watching a lot of MadeYewLook tutorials and she’s pretty amazing so I wanted to try one of hers. I adore Stephen King and I love “It”, so …

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SFX Makeup: Werewolf Attack Claw Scratches and Wounds

Werewolf Attack Makeup (With Tissue Paper and Elmer’s Glue)

My journey into SFX makeup has been like a blind jump into a dark pool of unknown depth. For now, I’ve been watching every SFX makeup tutorial video and cosplay tip compilation I can find, and they have been in no logical order. I’m trying to gain a little more …

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Blue Sugar Skull Makeup with Snazaroo Face Paint

Blue Sugar Skull Makeup (with Snazaroo Face Paint)

I’ve always had a little bit of goth in me so I love skulls.  I also have a little bit of girly in me too so I REALLY love sugar skulls.  I mean, a pretty skull, how perfect is that? Trying out a sugar skull makeup was an obvious choice. …

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Chelsea smile SFX makeup

I Tried to Give Myself a Chelsea Smile (Makeup Attempt)

I had been ready to try a million different face paint makeups and really learn how to blend, use different brushes, and get a good grasp of colours.  Then I saw a Chelsea Smile makeup tutorial…then I watched five more. Then I needed a whole new set of supplies, because …

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my first makeup - snazaroo skull

My First Makeup Was a Snazaroo Skull Face Painting

Lately, I have been trying to add a little finesse to makeup routine.  My attempts at contouring often result in“I think you have some dirt on your face…here, let me get that”.  My eyeshadow blending techniques needed a little work as well. So, naturally, I headed for YouTube and settled …

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