Bride of Frankenstein Makeup Step By Step

How to Create a Bride of Frankenstein Makeup (Step By Step)

With Halloween coming up very soon, I’ve been thinking a lot about horror movie monsters and different makeup looks I’d like to try. The Bride of Frankenstein was the first monster that popped into my head because she’s as beautiful as she is monstrous and she’s definitely a classic. I didn’t want to go for that black and white electrified look though, I just wanted to play around and come up with my own version of this character.

Products I used:

  • White eyeliner pencil
  • Mehron green, black, white, red face paint
  • Palladio black liquid eyeliner
  • Green, black, grey, white eyeshadow
  • Mehron bruise wheel
  • Rigid collodion
  • Black eyeliner pencil
  • Mascara

Mapping Out Some Scars

How to Create a Bride of Frankenstein Makeup Step 1

Ok, honestly, this wasn’t my first try for a Bride of Frankenstein makeup. I tried something similar a few days earlier but I didn’t like how it turned out at all. I still have a lot to learn about SFX makeup and one of them is planning. I used a white eyeliner pencil to map out where I wanted my scars to be and tried to make the chunks of skin large and simple. My previous attempt had too many small pieces and it turned out pretty wacky looking.

Painting a Base

How to Create a Bride of Frankenstein Makeup Step 2

I painted one side of my face with Mehron white face paint up to where my sketched out white scar line was. I didn’t do a heavy coat because I just wanted a pale white tone, not a thick face paint. I painted the other site with a very thin layer of the Mehron green paint. I had to wet my brush a few times and water down the green because it was going on way too thick and dark.

On my chest, I added a bunch of white and green paint streaks and then blended them together with a wet brush. I wasn’t going for any specific color, just a basic dead flesh tone that was different from the white and green on my face.

Outlining the Scars

How to Create a Bride of Frankenstein Makeup Step 3

I used a thin brush and went over all my scar lines with Mehron red face paint. I then outlined those lines with black face paint. I blended a little of the black into the red in some spots and I made sure to keep all my lines wavy and jagged so my scars looked nice and butchered.

Adding the Stitches

How to Create a Bride of Frankenstein Makeup Step 4

I don’t always trust the black face paint for detailed line work so I used my Palladio black liquid eyeliner to draw the stitches across my scars. I did most of them as slight curved lines but I added a few crisscrosses here and there to keep it interesting.

Shading the Stitches

How to Create a Bride of Frankenstein Makeup Step 5

My stitches looked very wo dimensional and naked so I used some grey shadow and a tiny makeup brush to shadow little curves around the edges. I think I rushed this step too much and I don’t like how the shading turned out. There was way too much grey directly along the stitch line but not nearly enough blending out into the skin.

Doing the Frankenstein Bridal Makeup

How to Create a Bride of Frankenstein Makeup Step 6

I shadowed the eye on the green side of my face with some dark green eyeshadow and shadowed the other eye with black and grey. I shadowed heavily around my crease line, on the outer edges of my eyes, and on either side of the bridge of my nose. I added some black eyeliner pencil to my lower water line and flicked a dash of mascara into my lashes.

I also used the green and yellows from my Mehron bruise wheel and dabbed some more sickly tones into my chest. I didn’t have any detail happening in those bare areas and I felt like it needed some livening up. The mottled greens and yellows seemed to add a little more contrast to the white in my neck and face. I also painted my lips black with face paint because for some reason I use face paint instead of lipstick almost exclusively.

Adding a Few Final Details

How to Create a Bride of Frankenstein Makeup Step 7

I thought I was done with this makeup but it seemed kind of blank and plain still. I decided to add a few scars around my face so I sketched out some lines with grey eyeshadow and went over these lines with some rigid collodion. I did about 5-7 layers of it for every scar and then highlighted some of the puckered skin with a tiny bit of white eye eyeshadow.

The rigid collodion really isn’t necessary for this step. Grey eyeshadow, thin lines of black in the deepest spots, and some white highlighting would have had a similar effect.

Final Touches, For Sure This Time

How to Create a Bride of Frankenstein Makeup Step 8

I did my hair in a half ponytail and back-combed the ponytail just enough to get some bigness happening at the back of my head. I added one white contact lens to the eye on the white side of my face. I have to say, I’m very proud of myself because I’m getting a little better at putting contacts in and not totally ruining all the makeup around that eye. I usually dig around in my eye socket so much that I have to touch up all the makeup around my eyes after putting contacts lenses in.

The Final Results of the Bride of Frankenstein Makeup

Bride of Frankenstein Makeup Final Results
Bride of Frankenstein Makeup Final Results
Bride of Frankenstein Makeup Final Results

What I Learned

I really like how this makeup turned out because it’s fun, Halloweeny, and I got to use my white contacts which always makes me happy. The shading along the edges of the scars and stitches could have been done a lot more carefully with more blending out into my skin. There’s certainly a lot more detail I could have added to this makeup but overall I think this one came out pretty decently and it certainly has me excited for the Halloween Season to begin!

Let me know your thoughts! 

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