Cracked Doll Makeup - Face Painting Practice

Cracked Doll Makeup: More Creepy Face Painting Practice

I’ve been watching a lot of MadeYewLook’s channel and I found an awesomely creepy yet very pretty cracked doll makeup she had done.  I loved how she blacked out the eyes and made them hollow so I wanted to try this. I had also seen a Dope2111 cracked doll makeup and I really liked the shattered spider webbing of her cracks so I attempted to follow two different tutorials for this one.

Cracked Porcelain Doll Makeup Tutorial

The first step, as it seems to be with a lot of looks I have tried lately, was to cover up my eyebrows.  I did this using an Elmer’s glue stick and just swept a few coats over both brows, going first against and then with the grain.  I combed them flat while the glue was still wet, let them dry, gave them another coat, then set them with some baby powder. I dabbed a little concealer over them and lightly blended it out to tone down the dark hair underneath.

Cracked Porcelain Doll Makeup Tutorial

My next step was to white my face out.  I’ve been using Snazaroo face paints and I’ve been alternating between makeup sponges and foundations brushes, trying to figure out how to get the most even coverage without any streaks.  So far, I’m leaning towards the foundation brushes for the smoothest look.

I then proceeded to darken my eyes and started by sketching the outline around my eyes with black Snazaroo paint.  I filled them in with a few coats because I wanted to get this as dark and black and hollow looking as possible. I added some white highlight around the edges to give the illusion of a lip around my eye sockets.

Cracked Porcelain Doll Makeup Tutorial

While trying to trace out the cracks in my face I think I may have gotten a little off track and started just doing my own thing.  I ended up not loving the placement and thickness in quite a few areas. Some spots I washed off and started over while others I just left and hoped the highlighting would fix.  I highlighted the edges of these cracks with white paint and that did help them a little. This was one part I wanted to just start over from scratch and do a cleaner job.

Cracked Porcelain Doll Makeup Tutorial
Cracked Porcelain Doll Makeup Tutorial

I added some cracks to the sides of my mouth then started to fill some of my lips in with black paint.  I didn’t like the look of black all the way across my lips so I washed it off, tried a dark pink glossy look, disliked that one even more, then went back to pale pink.  To complete this makeup I took a thin curling iron to my hair and made a ton of doll-like ringlets.

The Results

Cracked Doll Makeup
Cracked Doll Makeup

What I Learned

I’ll probably try a similar makeup again in the future because I want to attempt a more thought out design for the cracks and try to achieve a more convincing cracked porcelain illusion.  The white base could have been whiter as well but working on bases seems to be an ongoing learning experience for me. I’m definitely trying to learn new techniques with every new makeup I do.

Products I Used

Snazaroo Face Painting Kit


For this cracked doll makeup, I used only my Snazaroo paints. 🙂 

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