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I Tried to Give Myself a Chelsea Smile (Makeup Attempt)

I had been ready to try a million different face paint makeups and really learn how to blend, use different brushes, and get a good grasp of colours.  Then I saw a Chelsea Smile makeup tutorial…then I watched five more.

Then I needed a whole new set of supplies, because I absolutely had to try this look out on myself!

I didn’t have any sculpting wax but I had seen that some SFX makeup artists have used eyelash glue and tissue paper so I figured I could probably give that a shot.  I noticed a few people still used liquid latex in their videos so I made a trip to Party City and picked up some fake blood and a bottle of liquid latex.  

I rushed home with my supplies, excitedly ripped open the packaging, and was perplexed to see that my liquid latex was one solid, bottle shaped clump.  Not kidding, I actually had to study this substance for a few minutes to be sure that no, I don’t think liquid latex is supposed to be a solid mass.  I settled for using just eyelash glue and tossed the not-so-liquid latex aside (bummer!).

Chelsea Smile sfx makeup tutorial without latex

I drew some scar lines across my cheeks with a pink lipliner pencil and then covered these lines with eyelash glue.  I stuck thin strips of tissue paper to the glue and scrunched them up a little to give them an uneven, ragged look. I kept trying to move them around to get them just right but that eyelash glue was drying fast so I had to just let them be.

I dabbed my tissue wounds with some liquid foundation and patted with a sponge until they looked as blended to my face as possible.  I pulled at the tissue with tweezers in a few spots to give the slashes a more torn up appearance.

At this point I realized my Snazaroo kit had no red paint and I panicked for a few seconds.  I had to paint these gashes with red and I really didn’t want to try the cotton candy pink paint that came with my set.  I decided to paint some black into the wounds for depth and then hope my fake blood would do the rest.

I dipped a paint brush into the blood and went over the black paint to give the wounds a bloody hue.  This wasn’t near enough gore so I poured some of the blood on the Snazaroo sponge that came in my kit and lightly dabbed around the wounds to give it a messier and more traumatic appearance.  Some of this fake blood needed to flow as well so I loaded up a paint brush and let some blood drip down from out of the wound.

The Results

Chelsea Smile sfx makeup tutorial without latex
Chelsea Smile sfx makeup tutorial without latex

What I Learned

I probably could have added even more blood and poured it straight from the bottle to let it ooze out of my sliced face but I didn’t want to lose too much of the work that I had done under a river of blood.  This was my first time playing with fake blood so it was hard but I put the bottle of blood down and just let my wounds be.

If I could change anything, I would have liked the gashes to be a little more raised and to appear to be actually cut into my face.  I didn’t get that effect as much as I would have liked with the tissue paper but I’m going to try this again once I get some sculpting wax and see if I can improve the look.

If You Want to Try This Chelsea Smile Makeup

If you want to try giving yourself a Chelsea Smile using this SFX makeup technique…Here’s the Chelsea Smile makeup tutorial I watched:

*This one is specifically how to create this Chelsea Smile makeup effect without latex. 

Products I Used

Products I'd Use Next Time

I think I would like to try this makeup again and next time I’d like to try using Snazaroo Special effects wax.  I would like to build the wounds up a lot more thickly and be able realistically blend the sliced area into my skin.  I would also like to try using some Mehron coagulated blood gel inside of the wound to give the blood a deeper, more gruesome color and texture.

Let me know your thoughts! 

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