Bruised Up Fighter Makeup using Snazaroo face paint and Mehron Bruise Wheel

Bruised Up Fighter Makeup: Trying Out My New Mehron Bruise Wheel

As I’ve mentioned in the majority of posts up until now, I’ve been using a very basic Snazaroo face paint palette with random colours like pink, seafoam green, and metallic grey.  I’ve picked up some larger sized red, white, and black compacts of the Snazaroo face paint but my kit has been so limited until now. I finally received my Amazon order with all the fun new things I wanted to try and the Mehron Bruise Wheel was one of the first things I ripped into.

I received my order just before the UFC 223 fight so I figured I should do a fight makeup to break in my new bruise wheel while we waited for it to start.  I browsed so many pictures of bruises and watched a good number of bruise wheel makeup tutorials before I decided to get started.  My favorite tutorial I came across was the Ellimacs bruising tutorial so I probably took most of my inspiration from that video.

Bruised Fighter Makeup Tutorial

I started off with some of my brand new Snazaroo special FX wax and smoothed a small strip on to my upper eyelid.  I blended it as fully into my skin as possible and then cut a slice through the middle with my fancy wax cutting tool.  Ok, it was a butter knife, but my kit is still young and has a lot of growing up to do.

I added a glob of wax to my upper lip as well but the warmth of my lips along with my complete lack of experience using FX wax was making if very difficult to blend and shape this how I wanted.  It took a few tries of wiping the whole thing off and starting over but I eventually got a decent chunk of wax blended to my skin and I carved a slice into it with my ultra professional wax carving tool. 


I’ve also never used any cream makeup or tried making a fake bruise in my life so I was actually a bit nervous to just start dabbing this makeup around.  I started by brushing some of the deep red along my lower orbital rim with a thin makeup brush to give myself a blackened eye. I then dabbed on some of the bright red to that area with a homemade stipple sponge (made using a makeup sponge and ripping out random small chunks of sponge with my tweezers).

Bruised Fighter Makeup Tutorial

With my thin makeup brush I lightly traced out a swollen patch of skin on my cheek with the darker red colour and blended outwards from the swollen area with that same dark red.  I concentrated the majority of the darkest shading to the side closest to my temple and added less shading closer to the middle of my cheek.

Still with the thin makeup brush, I added some darker red around my eyebrow and lip gashes, being careful not to disturb those wax forms I battled so intensely with.  I then went in with my stipple sponge and added the brighter red colour around these dark red areas to give everything a mottled, irritated look.


At this point everything was a mess of reds and I hadn’t used much blue.  With just the very corner of my stipple sponge I added tiny dots of blue to my black eye and to the very darkest parts around my swollen cheek.  I also added a little blue stippling along the side of my forehead and across my nose. I went back over these spots with the dark red and bright red to give that multicoloured bruising pattern.  

Bruised Fighter Makeup Tutorial

I spent some time going back and forth between these colours trying to get just the right shadow in just the right spots.   I wiped off one section of my forehead and restarted because the mottling became a muddy mess and it needed to be redone from scratch.

To finish it all off I painted inside my eyebrow and lip wound with red face paint and then dabbed some Mehron coagulated blood gel to these areas.  Because of the work I had done with the wax I went really easy with the blood, trying to keep the edges I made as visible as possible.

As a last minute finishing touch I decided to bloody up my knuckles.  I dabbed a little bit of Mehron blood on each knuckle but that didn’t even come close to looking like real bloodied fists.  I stippled some bright red from the bruise wheel around a large area around my knuckles then when back in and stippled some dark red closer to where the blood was.  I added some tiny dots of the bruise wheel blue and patted it all down to let it meld together a bit.

The Results

Bruised Up Fighter Makeup using Snazaroo face paint and Mehron Bruise Wheel
Bruised Up Fighter Makeup using Snazaroo face paint and Mehron Bruise Wheel
Bruised Up Fighter Makeup using Snazaroo face paint and Mehron Bruise Wheel

What I Learned

Next time I do a makeup like this I would definitely pay attention to how much wax I’m putting over my eyebrows and make sure that I keep both eyebrows even.  I was growing them in a little and noticed later that I left one eyebrow quite bushy and waxed the other over into a very thin sliver of brow. Oops!

I also would have liked to make the swelling on my cheek a little more apparent and maybe even add a little bit of broken flesh to my knuckles with some scar wax.  I was trying to keep the makeup subtle though so I got to a point I was happy with and then decided to put the brush down before I went too overboard. This makeup was a ton of fun and I can’t wait to try more bruises with different shapes and stages of healing.

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