Blue Sugar Skull Makeup with Snazaroo Face Paint

Blue Sugar Skull Makeup (with Snazaroo Face Paint)

I’ve always had a little bit of goth in me so I love skulls.  I also have a little bit of girly in me too so I REALLY love sugar skulls.  I mean, a pretty skull, how perfect is that? Trying out a sugar skull makeup was an obvious choice.

I originally attempted a sugar skull based only on a picture I liked and had saved to my phone.  There were so many things wrong with this attempt that it was laughable so I will try to briefly summarize this absolute failure for you.

Snazaroo Sugar Skull Makeup Fail

On my last trip to Party City, I had grabbed a white face cream to see how this would work and thought it might make a good base for a makeup.  Oh my God, NO. I covered my face with this white cream and tried for what seemed like seven years to blend it out. I had committed so much time to this greasy white mess that I tried to salvage it and freehand a sugar skull on to my face.

Not only am I not ready to just freely draw a complicated design on my face, I also could not for the life of me blend any Snazaroo face paint into this thick, greasy cream. I gave up, tried to wash it off, scrubbed and scrubbed, and then vowed never to try to mix oil and water (based paints) on my face again.

My second attempt went much more smoothly.  I found a wonderful tutorial, used only my Snazaroo paints, and had a huge selection of brush sizes at my disposal.  I actually followed instructions for this makeup.

Blue Sugar Skull Makeup with Snazaroo face Paint

While some of my lines weren’t perfect, I felt pretty good about what I had done.  

My biggest mistake with this makeup was that I started out not knowing how long it would take and needed to hurry up by the time I was getting close to the end.  

I ended up adding the chin detail in a rush, hating it, washing it all off, and then redoing a more simple version of what my YouTuber teacher had done. I didn’t bother with the cheek lines but if I had the time I’d have added the extra little details.

What I Learned

I learned some very good lessons with these sugar skull attempts and I won’t be using $2.50 tubes of cream makeup as my base for any future face paints I try.  I definitely know to leave myself a lot of time for trial and error when attempting something brand new and I’ll be following steps a little more carefully until I’m much more comfortable with face painting.

Let me know your thoughts! 

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