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I’m Mixx, founder of this website and a nerdy fangirl of everything fantastical, magical, mythological, or horrifying. I have always loved any genre of fiction that can pick you up and hurl you into the land of terrifying monsters, savage beasts, and gorgeous creatures of unearthly origin. I have adored surreal looking characters since before I could remember but I had never appreciated the work that when into making these characters look how they look. Halloween was always my favorite day of the year, yet I never went all out with my costumes they way I would have liked. I’ve always wanted to be artistic, yet I just never felt that I was.

At some point, while watching makeup tip videos on YouTube, I came across an SFX makeup tutorial as a suggested video. And then that video led me to more SFX suggestions. After about 2 days of going down the Suggested Videos Rabbit Hole I decided to grab a Snazaroo makeup kit from Michaels and attempt to follow a skull face paint tutorial I had found. As soon as I was finished the makeup I was totally hooked on everything SFX. I had just found the backdoor to the magical fantasy world I had always loved and I was never coming back out.

I began teaching myself how to create fake wounds, sculpt and cast small prosthetics, and achieve a variety of different burn, scar, and bruise effects. I had no intention of attending a makeup school since the Internet so happily provides any information you seek, but I did find that there were very few written resources online and mostly just pictures and videos. Don’t get me wrong, pictures and videos are great for learning, but sometimes I would hope to find a written article, a list of SFX makeup resources, or a place I could go to see all the different options of brands in the SFX makeup world.

I could never really find one place that compiled all the information I was really looking for so I was inspired to create my own. I wanted to make a site that could provide tips for new SFX makeup artists who are just starting to learn their craft. I also wanted to put together a list of all the different SFX makeup brands out there, as well as instructors new artists could learn from. MixxSFX.com is my ever-expanding attempt at that mission.

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