About Me

I’m Mixx and I love makeup.

The hilarious thing about that is, I’ve never really learned how to apply it correctly. I kind of guessed my way through things, trying random products, and just hoping for the best. However, I've made a conscious decision recently to learn more common tips & tricks and do’s & don’ts by discovering new products, reading reviews, and watching beauty makeup YouTube tutorials....and then it happened...

I stumbled across some face painting tutorials, and the beauty makeups morphed into sugar skulls, scary clowns, and face lacerations. 

I dove into the makeup special effects rabbit hole and I adore fantasy and fiction more than I could ever love a really fabulous eyeshadow palette. As a young girl in high school I was absolutely obsessed with Horror movies. I had watched every title in the Horror section of my small town's video rental store. Those inspired me to spend hours creating a custom collection of “modified” Barbie dolls that ranged from hapless victim to creepy monster.  Sorry, Barbie.

I eventually drifted away from Horror and found myself deep in the Land of Fantasy. Elves and dragons and everything that sparkles replaced my love for gore but I never did much with my passion aside from reading all the novels and watching all the TV shows and movies I could.

There was always that spark, I just ​hadn't noticed it yet. 

In the past few years, on a handful of occasions, I’ve had the opportunity to do my step daughter’s makeup for Halloween. I’ve never been able to resist turning the brush to myself once I’m done with her. Still, for some sad and uninspired reason it never occurred to me to have all that fun with face painting and FX makeup aside from that one night a year...

Until now. 

After those beauty makeup videos led me to the face painting and special effects makeup tutorials, I was pretty much glued to these videos until I couldn’t take it anymore. I bought a $15 Snazaroo face paint set that looked like I stole it from an 8 year old girl’s princess themed birthday party. I did one skull makeup on myself and since that day I have been researching everything I can think of regarding face painting, special effects makeup, and all the products I can use to create these incredible different looks.

Because I was never great at talking about my love for makeup or looking for help, tips, and feedback, I decided to create a space where I could share everything I am learning...my journey, my adventure into the realm of special effects makeup.  I want to share my progression with you, get feedback from you, and maybe even impart a little of my newfound knowledge to other beginners. 

Chat with you soon!

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