7 Days of American Horror Story Makeups: Asylum Nun Makeup

7 Days of American Horror Story Makeups: Day 2 (Asylum)

The promo shot for the Asylum season of American Horror Story is a creepy white faced nun with black tears, or maybe just pure evil, dripping out of her eyes. The makeup seemed simple enough but the promo pic I was using as a reference was so white and flawless that I just had to hope it had some photoshop help.

Products I used:

  • Black, white, red Snazaroo face paint
  • Glue stick
  • Baby powder
  • Palladio black liquid eyeliner
  • Grey eyeshadow

Hiding the eyebrows

7 Days of American Horror Story Makeups: Asylum Nun Makeup

I covered my eyebrows with a few coats from a glue stick and a little brushing of baby powder. I wanted them totally gone for this makeup so I tried dabbing a bit of orange face paint over them to cancel out the darkness but realized as soon as I painted over them with white that they would just blend together and be an awful pale orange color. I’m still working on my eyebrow cover up skills.

Painting the Base

7 Days of American Horror Story Makeups: Asylum Nun Makeup

I wanted my entire face to be as white and opaque as possible. I usually struggle to get an even, pure white coat so I loaded the facepaint up on my brush as thick as I could and applied it with crisscrossing strokes to avoid any brush lines. I still had some blotchiness but I was happy with how white it came out. However, because I applied the paint so thick, I did have a little trouble with the paint cracking in some spots.

Blacking Out the Eyes

7 Days of American Horror Story Makeups: Asylum Nun Makeup

Using black Snazaroo face paint, I drew an outline around my eyelids and tried to get them to exactly the same shape. I filled them in with black paint and then went over the edges with some black liquid eyeliner. I used a grey eyeshadow to sketch a fake eyelid just a tiny bit above where the black eye ended. I then added two white dots on each eyelid to create a point of light in each black eye. Honestly, these dots took me a few tries to get them to match.

Crying Out the Black Ooze

7 Days of American Horror Story Makeups: Asylum Nun Makeup

This was definitely the funnest part of the makeup. I loaded up the area under my eyes with a bunch of black paint and then dipped my brush in water and let it drip into the black. I kept going back in with more water droplets and tilted my head in different directions to make it run where I wanted. The black got a little milky in spots from water running over the white face paint so I went over the lines with black eyeliner once everything was dry. I probably could have just painted these on but I wanted to get as much of a natural dripping look as I could.

Finishing Touches and the Final Result

7 Days of American Horror Story Makeups: Asylum Nun Makeup

I used a tiny bit of red and white face paint to get a light pink and painted a thin line over my blacked out eyes to try to make the fake eyelid stand out a little more. I had absolutely nothing resembling a nun’s habit to wear, not even a white sheet, so I cut a white tank top down the back and stretched it over my head for a picture. Yes, I was laughing hysterically at myself by this point.

My makeup also did not have that pure white and totally over-exposed cleanness that my reference picture had so we blasted every light available in my face to try to get that same stark white effect. The effect did not turn out the same as the reference picture but that light certainly helped to blast some of the unwanted unevenness away.

What I Learned

If I want an absolutely pure white face paint I think I’m going to need to discover a new trick to applying the base or try a different product. I’ve used my Mehron white for a full white face as well and it’s a little better than the Snazaroo but I’m forever plagued with blotchy patches. The battle continues. The white dots in the eyes also look too much like paint so I think if I used a smaller brush with less stray bristles the edges around those dots would have been a little cleaner. The rest of the makeup was super simple and I was happy with how the runny black ooze turned out so there’s not much else I would have changed.  

Let me know your thoughts! 

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