5 consecutive throws + 247 pitches → 5 months off… Doosan 1R rookie “Doesn’t hurt and is doing well”

The rookie pitcher, who seemed nervous at the time of the rookie draft event, is quickly adapting to the team five months later. Kim Taek-yeon, a right-hander who joined the Doosan Bears as the second overall pick in the first round in the 2024 KBO rookie draft, is the main character.고수익알바

Kim Taek-yeon, a graduate of Sangincheon Middle School and Incheon High School, received a lot of attention ahead of the draft as she was considered the “biggest player” in high school along with Hwang Joon-seo (Hanwha Eagles). Notably, she improved her high school performance by posting seven wins, one loss and an ERA of 1.13 in 64 ⅓ innings in 13 games last year. She displayed powerful pitching by garnering 97 strikeouts.

After finishing the 2022 regular season in ninth place, Doosan had the opportunity to select the team as the second player in the first round of the draft and reached out to Kim Taek-yeon. There was no reason to hesitate. “We have tracked down many players since the spring, but Kim Taek-yeon showed consistency from the spring to Taiwan’s U-18 Baseball World Cup. He has maintained good control and speed without injury, and I think he will grow into a stopper as early as two to three years ahead of Doosan.”

Kim displayed his presence in international competitions, too. At the World Baseball Softball Confederation U-18 Baseball World Cup last year, he pitched well with two wins and an earned run average of 0.88 in six games and 16 innings. In the bronze medal match against the U.S., he pitched as a starting pitcher, blocking seven scoreless innings, giving his team a win.

However, criticism has been raised over the interval between Kim Taek-yeon’s appearance as a young pitcher. He threw a whopping 247 pitches during the tournament, and took the mound for five consecutive days. Doosan was also aware of this, and gave Kim Taek-yeon plenty of rest during the offseason. He thought about the future as well as the present.

Kim Taek-yeon, who welcomed the new year amid the management of the team, raised her physical condition in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province, where the 2nd tier training site is located, and headed to Sydney, Australia, where the 1st tier spring camp site is located. Only two players on the list of participants in the 1st round spring camp are “six-rounder outfielder” Jeon Da-min and Kim Taek-yeon.

“There is no place that hurts. If you were sick, wouldn’t you have been resting?” Kim Taek-yeon told reporters at the Black Town Baseball Stadium in Sydney on Tuesday. “I am doing well without any difficulties. As I have rested a lot and my physical condition has come down, I try not to be in such a hurry. I think my physical condition is improving as I thought, and I am trying to prepare well in time for the season.”

Kim has played four bullpen sessions since the beginning of the camp. He threw 30 bullpen sessions each, and pitched nearly 50 pitches in the third pitching session. He pitched 40 pitches on the day. “I and the coaches seem to be getting better and better every day. In that regard, I clearly feel that my body is constantly recovering,” Kim said.

Kim Taek-yeon, who maintained a bright expression throughout the interview, said, “I think I’m getting better now that I’m at a good club. I try my best to do what I can,” but added, “I think training is my biggest strength and the overall environment such as weight training facilities and baseball stadiums is good, so I can exercise systematically. Good coaches and power analysis teams also help me a lot.”

His roommate is Lee Young-ha, a right-handed pitcher who was a former first-place pick. “I felt awkward at the beginning of the camp because I had never seen him before, but we got close by talking a lot and exercise together at night,” Kim Taek-yeon said. “He told me a lot of good things about adapting to the professional stage.”

Even if Kim Taek-yeon finishes his camp smoothly, he will not likely take on any major posts early in the season. “If (Kim) Taek-yeon is the same as him, he entered the camp without throwing a ball for five months,” Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop said. “He pitched in the bullpen twice in Icheon, but the number of pitches he pitched in was not good enough. He can boost his performance by overcoming his pace as he competes with other players. I think we need to put (Kim) on a comfortable footing and help him adapt to the KBO league. I am not thinking about finishing it at all.”

“Just being able to advance to a comfortable situation will enable me to join the first team. If I continue to do well under such circumstances, I think I will become a player who can take the mound in a more important position or in a necessary situation for my team,” Kim said. “I want to grow step by step like that.”

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