Sweeper Developed Last Year, Focuses On Change-Up” 31-year-old foreign pitcher studying KIA appeared… Even the front is touched

The bullpen at Narrabunda Ball Park in Canberra, Australia, on the 9th (Korea time). KIA Tigers’ new foreign pitcher James Nail (31) pitched the third bullpen. Nail signed a contract for $700,000. Unlike Will Crow, who filled up $1 million, he does not expect an ace.

His career in the Major League is not that he has displayed stellar performance, nor is his career as a starting pitcher consistently. He was a professional bullpen pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals in 2022 and 2023. He mixes various pitching types including cutter, slider, changeup, sweeper and curveball with a pitching seam in the mid-140km range.라바카지노

On Thursday, he played 51 pitches. He pitched two-seam, change-up, cutter and sweeper. His intensive use of change-up attracted attention. “It was the type of pitch that I used to play, but it was not perfect until now. I used it intensively as a test. I am trying to improve the completeness of change-up,” Nail said.

With right-handed pitchers not overwhelming in ball power, it is essential to improve the completeness of change-ups that go outside the left-handed batter standard in order to effectively deal with left-handed hitters. In other words, the nail knows that there are many strong left-handed hitters in the KBO League.

The sweeper introduced that it was developed by himself. “It rotates quickly while closing both hands closely. It has been developed since last year,” the nail said. Since the ball power is not overwhelming, it is important to increase the speed competitiveness with the sweeper. Even if the movement is reduced a little, I thought that if you increase the speed, it will go well with other pitches.

In fact, unlike Crow, caution is dominant in nails. He is a pitcher who does not have overwhelming pitching power and commands that are not bad, and uses various pitches. There seems to be no specific weakness, but I don’t see any clear features. However, if the ability to use breaking balls such as pitching seam, sweeper, and change-up is okay, the view is that the possibility of success is sufficient.

The man who watched the nail for a few days has a good personality. After seeing the reporter, he greeted me with a fist and ate Korean food well for lunch. According to a staff member of the team, the manicurist thanked the manicurist for letting me know about himself through his club’s social media and YouTube videos. The official said, “I’ve never seen a foreign player like him before.”

KIA has nothing more to ask if Nail shows the weight of 2nd starting pitcher between Crow and Yang. KIA has virtually foreign pitcher-level starting pitchers Yang Hyun-jong and Lee Eui-ri. Nail only has to follow in the footsteps of foreign pitchers who failed over the past year or two.

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