Qatar Becomes Asia’s 2nd Top… Award sweep, MVP, top scorer, goalkeeper, and fair play awards ‘double slope’

Qatar, the defending champion, won the title for the second time in Asia. Qatar had the “double joy” by sweeping away the MVP, top scorer, best goalkeeper award, and fair play award. Indeed, it was the day of Qatar, the “host country.”꽁머니사이트

Qatar won 3-1 in the final of the 2023 Qatar Asian Cup against Jordan at Lusail Stadium in Aldayen, Qatar, on the 11th (Korea time). Qatar, which led with Akram Afif’s PK goal and allowed Yazan Alnaimat (Al-Ahli) to tie, turned the game around again with Afif’s consecutive PK goals.

Qatar won the championship for the second time in its career and the second time in a row. The only countries that have won the title in Asia more than twice were Korea (1956 and 1960), Iran (1968, 1972, 1976), Saudi Arabia (1984 and 1988), and Japan (2000 and 2004), to which Qatar (2019 and 2023) was added.

Qatar, which won the championship, turned the award ceremony into a “single stage” by sweeping away MVP, top scorer, best goalkeeper award, and fair play award. Qatar was the first to be selected as the Fair Play Award, and Afif, who scored sixth, seventh and eighth goals in a row with a PK on the day, won the top scorer.

Qatar`s strong goalkeeper Meshal Basham won the best goalkeeper award. And Afif, who led Qatar to the championship by scoring eight goals (three assists) during seven matches, won the MVP title.

Qatar lifted the trophy as it was cheered by more than 80,000 spectators. During the championship celebration, a “festive venue” was held outside the Lusail Stadium with fireworks exploding. Players then approached the stands and enjoyed the joy together.

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