‘Legendary’ Matsui Visits After 6 Years… 23,000 spectators flocked to the Yomiuri Camp, ‘No. 55’ Succession High School High School, 45 minutes of intensive guidance in the 4th year

Hideki Matsui (49), the “legendary” of the Yomiuri Giants, appeared on the red carpet at the San Marin Stadium in Miyazaki. The Yomiuri Giants announced on Thursday that 23,000 spectators have entered the San Marin Stadium, which is preparing for the season. This year, the number of spectators attending the spring camps of 12 professional baseball teams is the highest daily. Previously, the number of spectators was 9,000 on Sunday and last Thursday.

Japan’s sports magazine Sports Hochi said many fans who visited the stadium on Saturday cheered loudly for “Legend” Matsui, who joined the spring camp as a temporary coach.마카오카지노주소

Matsui, the Yomiuri Giants’ No. 4 hitter, moved to the Major League in 2003 and retired from the U.S. After signing a seven-year contract with the New York Yankees, he played for the Los Angeles Angels, Oakland Athletics, and Tampa Bay Rays before taking off his uniform. It has been more than 20 years since he last played for the Yomiuri Giants and 10 years since he retired as a player in 2012, but his popularity has been confirmed.

It is the first time in six years that Matsui has visited the Miyazaki Yomiuri Camp after retiring as a player since 2018.

With Shinnosuke Abe at the helm, Matsui, a senior player, will take over as interim coach. When asked about Abe’s intention to visit the spring camp in October last year, Matsui joked, “(Abe) is the right leader. I especially want to support him. I will go there if you lay the red carpet.”

Coach Abe and Yomiuri actually prepared the red carpet for Matsui.

Abe, the Yomiuri Giants’ main catcher and cleanup hitter, spent two seasons together before Matsui left for the Major League. Matsui continued their close relationship even after he moved to the Major League. He moved to New York and was coached by his seniors.

According to Japanese media, Matsui gave advice to Shinoske Yamase (23), Yukinori Kishida (28), Yuto Akihiro (22), Makoto Gadokawa (23), and Masaya Hagio (24) during batting training. The meeting with Akihiro, who had great interest, was special. He gave intensive guidance by demonstrating his swing for about 45 minutes.

Akihiro joined the club in 2021, and has been using Matsui’s uniform number 55 since 2022. For Japanese baseball players, home run hitters

He is the symbol of No. 55. Akihiro is a left-handed hitter like Matsui, and he is as tall as 2 meters. He is a promising player with high expectations from his team.

In his third year as a high school graduate, he hit four consecutive home runs last year. He played in 121 games last year, his de facto debut season, posting a batting average of 273, 111 hits, 10 homers and 41 RBIs. He only played in one game in the first team in his first year as a pro-baseball player, but he became a starting pitcher in three years.

Matsui praised Akihiro’s outstanding physical condition and power. Akihiro said, “It was a very happy time. I want to play well worthy of No. 55.”

Matsui, a native of Ishikawa Prefecture, also participated in fundraising activities to recover from the earthquake on the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture.

Matsui joined the Yomiuri Giants as the top draft pick in 1993, and posted a career batting average of .344, 1390 hits, 332 homers and 889 RBIs for 10 years until 2002. He became the home run king three times in 1998, 2000 and 2002, and exceeded double-digit homers for 10 consecutive years from his first year as a pro, 20 homers for nine consecutive years from his second year, and 30 homers for seven consecutive years from his fourth year.

He continued his stellar performance in the Major League as well. He posted a total of 282 hits, 1,253 hits, 175 home runs and 760 RBIs in 10 seasons. His Japanese career was 2,643 hits, 507 home runs and 1,649 RBIs.

The Yomiuri Giants ranked fourth for the past two consecutive years. At the end of the regular season last year, Hara Tatsunori, 66, stepped down, and Abe took over the helm.

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