At 37, the club’s first non-FA multi-year contract… Why did Lee Won-seok feel grateful and sorry

Lee Won-seok, 38, moved his nest from the Samsung Lions to the Kiwoom Heroes through a trade early last season. Kiwoom, which needed a veteran who could center the infield and serve as the center hitter, resolved both its concerns by recruiting Lee. Kiwoom also boosted the morale of its players by signing a non-FA multi-year contract with Lee Won-seok, who will become an FA after the end of the 2023 season. The terms and conditions of the contract amount to 1 billion won for two plus one year. This was the first time in the Heroes’ franchise history that a non-FA multi-year contract was signed.헤라카지노주소

However, Lee failed to meet the club’s expectations and trust. He had to suffer from poor batting performance, and failed to complete the season due to injury. In 89 games, he had two homers, 30 RBIs, 22 runs scored with a batting average of 0.246 (73 hits from 305 times at bat) and an on-base hit ratio of 0.326 to 0.298 OPS (on-base plus slugging percentage).

Lee worked hard throughout the winter to recover from his poor performance last year. He suffered minor injuries recently, but is making rapid recovery. He expressed confidence that he will have no difficulties in preparing for this season. “Recently, I received a report that my knee is not good,” Lee told Spotify News at Goyang National Baseball Training Center, Kiwoom’s second-tier stadium. “I have been receiving treatment and exercising hard to strengthen my knee. I started exercising later than others. I am trying to prepare perfectly.”

“The injury is not a problem at all. It was not a serious injury. Now, I am also conducting technical training. As I am later than others, I have to work out twice and three times harder,” he said, adding that he will speed up preparations for this season.

The year 2023 was full of disappointment. Lee said he was especially disappointed with his injury. As he was out for the season, he had no chance to recover from his slump. During the off-season, Lee worked hard to prevent injury. “I want to defend myself well and hit the bat better every year. I want to hit more home runs. But nothing went my way. I thought I needed to prevent injury in order to perform better. I also focused on training on the idea that managing my physical stamina is essential,” Lee said.

I have a desire to do better this year. I am more confident because I have perfectly adapted to Kiwoom. Moreover, I want to repay the support of Kiwoom, which signed a non-FA contract, and the fans who supported me.

Lee Won-seok said, “After moving to Raum, my performance was not good. I was so sorry. The club also offered me a multi-year non-FA contract first, but I couldn’t repay it. I felt so sorry for the fans. I felt that my skills were not good enough. It was all my fault. Now I’m done with adapting. I want to do better this year.”

He is Lee Won-seok, a fairly old man in his late 30s. He has entered the twilight of his career, but he has been able to maintain his career longer through non-FA multi-year contracts. An environment has been created in which people can only focus on baseball. “I also had a lot of worries about my future. There are not many days left until I can play baseball. The club offered me a non-FA multi-year contract, which gave me an opportunity to play baseball harder. I am really preparing hard. I don’t know how the result will turn out, but I want to show a good performance to the team and the fans.”

He has not set any individual goals. He is committed to playing only for the team. “Veterans have no individual goals. Their goal is to do better than last year and advance to the postseason. The most important thing is to have a good team. We finished at the bottom of the list last season, but we will help them advance to the top five this year,” Lee said.

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