‘Wrapping competition begins’ Go Woo-seok leaves Korea on the 9th… What will be his position when he returns to Gocheok Dome

Ko Woo-suk (26, San Diego), who achieved his dream dramatically after holding out for a major league challenge, will complete his full-fledged schedule in the U.S. There is nothing for sure, but there is nothing to be disappointed about. Attention is also focusing on what kind of position Ko Woo-suk will return to the “Seoul Series,” which is likely to be his major league debut.라바카지노주소

Rico Sports, which is in charge of Ko Woo-suk’s agency, said on the 8th that “Go Woo-suk, who has completed his visa, will depart for the United States via Delta Air Lines at 8:05 p.m. on the 9th.” Ko Woo-seok, who moved to the U.S. on a contract with San Diego, returned to Korea on January 6 and spent about a month in Korea. He has thoroughly prepared for administrative tasks such as issuing visas as well as personal training, and is now leaving for the U.S. with his housekeeping.

Major League spring training usually begins in mid-February. However, things are a little different between San Diego and LA Dodgers in 2024. The two teams will visit Seoul this year as part of their ambitious “World Tour” aimed at globalization. The MLB Secretariat chose Seoul this year as one of the venues for the world tour. Previously, the games were held mostly in Japan in Asia, and recently in Australia where the weather was warm from February to March. This year, the two teams will hold season opening matches at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on March 20 and 21. Seats are already showing signs of success, as all seats are sold out due to heated atmosphere.

Because of this, the two teams’ spring training call-up date is a little earlier than other teams. San Diego will have pitchers and catchers gather first on the 12th, and all the fielders will join on the 17th to form the so-called “Full Squad.” Because of the Seoul Series, spring training begins early because they have to finish the exhibition game a little earlier than other teams and have to go to Seoul, and they also need time to return to the U.S. after the game to control their condition. San Diego’s fielder Kim Ha-sung also left early on January 20th and is getting well in the U.S.

It is the first exciting camp for Ko. He announced that he will enter the Major League after completing the 2023 season. The posting system (closed competitive bidding) has completed seven seasons to qualify for the Major League challenge. Although it was a challenge that everyone wondered about last year’s poor performance in the Major League, Ko still wanted to go on a bigger stage even a year earlier. LG also conditionally approved Ko’s bid for posting.

In fact, it has not been smooth. Major League scouts have been constantly writing scouting reports while watching Ko’s pitches for a long time, but last year’s slump took forever. In addition, Ko was affected as the Major League’s free agent (FA) market was slower than expected. There was also a more disadvantageous aspect as Japan had 45 days of posting, while Korea had only 30 days. He had no choice but to be pressed for time.

However, the San Diego Padres made a final offer to Ko at the last minute, and ultimately confirmed his move to the Major League by signing a two-plus-one-year contract worth 9.4 million U.S. dollars. San Diego has long been a big fan of Ko and needs a change in bullpen session as Josh Hader (Houston), the All-Star closer, left the team after qualifying as a free agent. He chose Ko under the condition that his team secure a 2+1 year contract and a large number of incentives were included. Ko also joined hands of San Diego, which offered the best condition.

Ko will be guaranteed $4.5 million over two years. His annual salary is $1.75 million this year and $2.25 million next year. His annual salary for two years is $4 million. If the option is implemented in 2026, he will receive an additional $3 million, and if not, he will receive an additional $500,000 buyout. So, the guaranteed amount is $4.5 million. All other amounts are incentives. The main incentive conditions are the number of games played and the number of games completed. In other words, all incentives can be collected only when it is completed. This is why Ko Woo-suk’s position is important.

However, it is not clear yet whether Ko will be able to secure the finishing position. He could or could not. After Josh Hader left out, the San Diego Padres beefed up its bullpen by squeezing some money that could not be found in this off-season. Prior to Ko, he signed a five-year contract with Yuki Matsui, one of the best closers in the Japanese professional baseball league. He spent a considerable amount of 28 million dollars in total for five years to strengthen the left-hander, which was one of the problems facing his team’s bullpen. After Ko was hired, he signed a four-year contract with veteran left-hander Wandy Peralta. He guaranteed four years and 16.5 million dollars and annual opt-out (giving up the remaining contract and obtaining the FA qualification). Along with Robert Suarez, an existing bullpen pitcher, four players are expected to form the team’s must-win group.

Each has its own variables. Robert Suarez, who showed excellent performance in 2022, his first season in the Major League, showed poor performance last year. He did not play in many games, and his performance was not very good. Matsui is an option that attracts the most attention for this reason, but it also takes some time for his first season in the Major League. He needs adaptation, but he needs to overcome it easily. Peralta is a left-handed veteran who has displayed stable performance in recent years. The ball is fast, too. However, as a player who played more in the middle than finishing, Closer’s experience is lacking. Ko has plenty of experience in finishing, but he deserves to be said to be the least proven player among the four players. Competition will likely continue as there is no clear finish.

San Diego general manager A.J. Preller said, “When Ko was hired, we did not identify the team’s closure yet,” adding, “Competition will continue through spring training.” San Diego manager Mike Shildt said the same thing. The team has yet to decide on a final lineup, and even predicted a scenario in which players will be deployed depending on circumstances. Chances are high that the team will decide on a final lineup rather than a collective lineup, but this could be interpreted as meaning that no one stands out at the moment.

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