“Striker defense is comfortable.” Going to the position where he played in high school… The departure of shortstop, the first designated player in the ‘third place in defense innings,’ gave a chance to a 21-year-old prospect

The Samsung Lions, led by head coach Park Jin-man, is uncertain whether its main shortstop Lee Jae-hyun will play in the early part of the season. Lee Jae-hyun played all season with symptoms of dislocation of his left shoulder. After the end of the season, he underwent surgery on the joint and back of his left shoulder.

Fortunately, he is recovering fast. “Lee is undergoing rehabilitation training in the Futures Rehabilitation Team. As he is young, he is recovering faster than we expected. Still, we have to wait and see.”

It is not easy to fill in the void left by Lee. Even in the second year of last season, Lee has firmly guarded the infield as his team’s field commander. He missed one game due to injury, but played in 143 games. His defensive innings amounted to 1,156.1 innings, the third highest among all KBO league infielders. Lee displayed great presence to that extent.헤라카지노주소

The alternatives are Kim Young-woong and Kang Han-ul. In particular, Kim Young-woong is drawing a lot of expectations.

Kim Young-woong, a former Yaro Middle School and Korea Water Finance Corporation player who joined Samsung as the third-ranked team in the second round of 2022, made his name as a shortstop in high school but played mostly as a third baseman in professional baseball. Over the past two years, he has played 236.1 innings as a third baseman, 48 innings at shortstop and 11 innings at second base.

Contrary to expectations, he has not displayed outstanding performance in the first division. He had a batting average of 0.13313 games in the 2022 season, two hits, one homer, one RBI and two runs scored in 55 games in the 2023 season. He has a batting average of 0.228 43 hits, seven homers, 35 RBIs and 32 runs in 61 games in the Futures League.

Kim Young-woong, whom he met before leaving for Japan, said, “It’s convenient to play shortstop defense. I think it’s convenient because I’ve been playing this position since I was a high school student. During the off-season, I only trained shortstop defense. Of course, if I am asked to play other positions, I can do it. I’m confident.”

“I trained with an emphasis on both batting and defense during the off-season. I think I trained with basic skills in defense and hitting that I needed to make up for,” he added.

We need to see the speed and timing of Lee’s rehabilitation, but under the current circumstances, Kim will likely be given an opportunity in the early stages. Will Kim be able to show what he showed in high school again this time? “My goal for this season is to spend a year without getting hurt,” Kim said.

If Kim Young-woong is shaken, Kang Han-ul also prepares. Kang Han-ul, who remains at Samsung, can play all positions in the infield on the condition that he receives up to 300 million won, including 1+1 year, 250 million won in annual salary, and 50 million won in options. He hit .217 46 hits, 10 RBIs and 30 runs in 72 games last season, but he is aiming for a rebound in the upcoming season.

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