Ilylchenko and Palosevic “He’s really the director’s son”

“I never thought I’d meet the director again.”

Ilyulchenko (34) and Palosevic (31), a foreign duo that FC Seoul is proud of, are considered to be inextricably linked among players these days. He could hardly hide his joy of reuniting with Kim Ki-dong, a former coach of the Pohang Steelers.꽁머니사이트

Speaking to reporters at a hotel in Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan on the 6th, the two players said in unison, “It’s fate.” “I often talked about Palosevic and the coach, but I never thought I’d meet him again. It’s rare in the professional world,” Ilyuchenko said with a smile.

Ilyuchenko and Palosevic welcomed the reunion with Kim, which contained expectations that they could return to their Pohang days. This is because both players went downhill after leaving Pohang. If Ilyuchenko scored 19 goals in 2020, the last time he played for Pohang, Palosevic scored 14 goals and six assists that year. It is compared to Ilyuchenko and Palosevic’s only five goals and four goals and one assist last year, respectively.

“Your soccer style is optimized for us,” Ilyuchenko said, while Palosevic said, “Honestly, 2020 when I played for you is my career high. I want to recreate that performance again this year.”

Seoul players also ask mischievous questions about who is the coach’s real son, hoping that Ilyuchenko and Palosevic would survive through Kim Ki-dong. The faces of the two players pointed at each other (meaning their son) on the spot, and it was hard to feel displeased.

“Our coach cares so much about Palosevic. He always says ‘Palo,’ ‘Palo,’ ‘Palo,'” Ilyuchenko said during training and matches. “I always let him run.” It was understandable thinking about a practice match against San Freche Hiroshima in the Japanese J-League.

Coach Kim adjusted his movement by shouting “Palo” throughout the game, which resulted in Palosevic’s score. “The coach certainly calls me a lot,” Palosevic said. “It’s easier because the coach organizes the clear role of scoring.” “I definitely like playing as a second striker like I did four years ago,” he added.

This does not mean that Ilyulchenko will be left out. “This year will be different,” Kim said when he asked Ilyulchenko to play the role he played in Pohang. Ilyulchenko also said, “Ilyulchenko’s role is suitable for me now, as I try to play with my teammates while fighting against the opponent’s defense.”

The only way for Ilyuchenko and Palosevic to repay their former teachers is through good grades. He is determined to elevate Seoul, which has been in the Final Round B (7th to 12th place) for the past four years.

Palosevic said, “I’ve always said I want to win in Seoul, but I lied. Now that we have become a new team this year, I just want to do better.” Ilyuchenko also said, “My goal is not to score a goal, but to get a team performance. Last year was the last time I failed in the final round B. I will definitely go to A this year.”

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