He is stimulated by his rival in Jamsil. Outfielder with 6 billion won is aiming to reclaim the title of stolen base in six years

LG Twins’ Park Hae-min (34) will try to regain the title of the stolen base king for the first time in six years. Jung Soo-bin (34) of the Doosan Bears, the “Jamsil rival,” became a stimulus.

LG is playing in the spring camp at the Indian School Park Baseball Field in Scottsdale, Arizona. The team will take its second day off on Tuesday (Korea time) and begin its third training turn from Friday.

Park Hae-min, whom I met at the camp, said, “The coach gave consideration to the seniors (except group training) in the early stages of the camp. Rather, I train more because I have more individual time. I am batting a lot.”월카지노도메인

Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “Veterans including Kim Hyun-soo and Park Hae-min were excluded from all training sessions, including defense and base running, until the third turn, and plans to train together in groups from the fourth turn. Veteran players are taking good care of their physical conditions.

Park, who had been sluggish in his early 20s in April every year, had a good start with a batting average of 0.322 (28 hits from 87 times at bat) in April last year. He hit three of his six home runs in this season in April.

Park Hae-min said, “Last year, I was in good condition in April, and I hit over .300. So I’ve been trying hard to prepare for the season just like I did in the off-season last year. In the past, if I thought a little bit about coming to the camp and building up my body, now I make technical things and do camp training. I thought it was good in April because of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) in March last year, so I prepared the same this year.”

This year’s KBO League kicked off on March 23. “I went to Jamsil Stadium a lot during the off-season. I played the off-season almost every day, doing weights and technical exercises,” Park said.

There are many rules that change in the league this season. ABS, expansion of base size and defensive shift restrictions will be applied. Pitch Clock will be piloted.

It will be advantageous for Park Hae-min to expand the base size quickly. Park Hae-min said, “I haven’t heard the exact detailed rules yet. I heard that Peach Clock will be piloted in the first half of the year, but how do you limit checkpoints? If the base grows, it will be advantageous for (the runner).”

The size of the base will be expanded from the previous 15 inches (38.1 centimeters) to 18 inches (45.73 centimeters). The distance between the first base and the second base and the third base will be reduced by 3 inches (7.62 centimeters), respectively. The distance between the first and second base and the second base and the second and third base will be reduced by 4.5 inches (11.43 centimeters), respectively. This is quite a change. “I am looking forward to (expanding the size of the base). I like it because it shows my strength,” Park said.

Park won the stolen base title for four consecutive years between 2015 and 2018. He recorded 34 steals in 2020 and 36 steals in 2021. After signing a four-year FA contract (KRW 6 billion) with LG, he recorded 24 steals in 2022 and 26 steals last year.

Park Hae-min said, “You are actively playing baseball where the manager plays. We need to prepare better so that we can play the same number as before. Some say that the number of stolen bases has decreased due to age, but Jung Soo-bin became the king of stolen bases last year, which motivated me.” Last year, Jung Soo-bin became the king of stolen bases with 39 steals.

Park Hae-min said, “I was motivated by the fact that even players our age can still do it.” “Since these rules have been revised in favor of running players this season, I am thinking about stealing more bases and trying more this year.”

LG, which had been burdened by championship burden, has eased the burden and now has some leeway by winning the combined title last year. “I think so. But now I will be challenged by nine teams,” Park said. “Wouldn’t it be the same (burden)? It’s fortunate that I have broken the 29th year, but I have another goal for this year.”

Park Hae-min said, “Every player will want to win every year. I hope we continue to win the FA for the remaining two years. LG’s power is said to have been out of the game a little, but it’s still worth trying to win. Fans have waited for 29 years, so you shouldn’t let them do it once and wait for a long time. I hope they continue to win,” he said.

“The director said that, and captain Oh Ji-hwan said that, so I want to build a dynasty. With that in mind, I hope we can win two more championships,” he said.

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