Only Chairman Chung Mong-kyu, KFA, and Cleans should take the baton from their hands for the original crime of defeat in the Jordanian war

In other words, it is a human 災. It was the Klinsman ship that had been expected to run aground since its inception. The expectation that the ship, which was built and anchored by a hajip and not driven by an organic system, would be able to reach the Cape of Good Hope was a dream that should not have been dreamed of in the first place. The voyage, carried out with the yoke of the original sin, was doomed to shipwreck.

The AFC Asian Cup was not a “promising peak” that gave people joy and hope. Rather, it was a “high mountain” that forced people to feel frustrated and regret. His journey to climb again for the first time in 64 years ended in vain without reaching the summit threshold (final match). He was caught up in the magic of the Asian Cup that coincided with the original sin and was sucked into the darkness of the abyss.꽁머니사이트

Korean soccer has fallen to the abyss of disgrace. On the 7th (Korea time), in the semi-finals of the 2023 AFC Asian Cup in Qatar, they lost 0-2 to Jordan after an unexpected and poor match. It was a “complete defeat” that could be called a “catastrophe.” It was a defeat against an opponent who looked one step down, so I had no choice but to fall into a sea of shock even more. The pride of the “Asian leader” was a battle that instantly collapsed at some point and only caused the anger of humiliation to erupt.

The primary cause can be said to be coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who led the Taegeuk crew on a voyage. His absence of strategy served as an Achilles heel throughout the tournament as a general who led the national team to the battlefield. Of course, there was no big strategy, so the tactics to apply and cope with the right time could not be operated flexibly. Of course, the result of ‘colorless odorless football’ was stranded. He was only agitated by the harsh voyage, but he was finally caught on an unexpected reef and couldn’t get out of the misfortune of the wreck.

However, if you take a closer look at it, you will find that a more fundamental cause is taking hold. It is the Korea Football Association (KTA), which appointed Klinsmann as its head coach. It was an inevitable disaster caused by the appointment of a coach who neglected the organically functioning system. We need to face up to the fact that the recruitment strategy at Chung’s discretion resulted in a crushing defeat at the Jordanian War.

Korea maintained its pride as a traditional Asian powerhouse by advancing to the round of 16 teams at the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. It could be said that it was a successful performance by Paulo Bento. Recruited through a meticulous and systematic selection process, Bento’s creation of the “Taegeukho” was worth watching as he commanded the team for about four years and four months (August 2018 to December 2022).

Therefore, the KFA tried to renew the contract with Bento. However, Bento left Korea, let alone as the head coach of the national team, as if he wanted to remember it as a great memory. Klinsmann will replace him.

However, the KFA became strange from the process of appointing the successor of Bento. On the surface, it seemed to follow the previous system strategy, but in practice, it took a selection process led by individual dogma. Michael Mueller, chairman of the National Team Power Enhancement Committee, who took office in January 2023, fueled this. The selection process was carried out without sharing the process of selecting the national team coach with the members.

Ironically, Muller was also rejected by Klinsmann. Although he said he was involved in the selection process, it was only a protest to save the KTA from trouble, which was in a desperate situation due to public criticism. It is widely believed that Chung’s intention played a decisive role in the selection of Klinsmann. This is why critics say that Mueller was just a scapegoat.

The appointment process, which did not follow the organic system and was veiled, was not the only problem. Public opinion was criticized due to the emergence of ineligibility as a head coach, but Chairman Chung and the KTA pushed ahead with their intentions, saying they had already agreed to a contract. Even in Germany, coach Klinsmann’s home country, they were skeptical. He even mocked Klinsmann, who revealed the limitations of his effectiveness as a commander, saying, “The KFA was willing to recruit him as the head coach of the national team in defiance of public opinion.”

Klinsmann did not go against his expectations. He abandoned his promise to stay in Korea as a “home commander” who works from home in the U.S. That’s all! He not only neglected his duty but also criticized his poor double duty.

The most fundamental problem is the assistance of the KFA. It is inevitable to point out that the seed of the tragedy that took place in Qatar was sown by not putting a brake on such ridiculous behavior of Klinsmann, who was out of his duty as the head coach of the Korean national team. The misfortune of the “Taegeuk-ho,” which was eventually wrecked after a crippling voyage, is a point of contact that can be attributed to the KFA, which committed a primitive crime. It is said that the appointment was at Chung’s discretion, but the management was then the duty and right of the KFA.

Klinsmann failed to achieve his goal of winning the Asian Cup title, which he vowed to do when he took office. Still, he does not look ashamed. He said he would lead the team until the 2026 FIFA World Cup in North and Central America, hinting that he has no intention of resigning. Despite his official assessment that he has built the strongest team ever in the history of Korean national teams participating in Asian Cup events, he was not in the right attitude to take the team as if he were proud of himself after failing to return to the top position.

Now, the ball is passed to the KFA and Chung, who are responsible for the original sin. It is time to make a decision. Some say that it is too early to think that it is too late. We should no longer just sit in a room and wait and see if Klinsmann is acting out of his orbit. Although it may be considered a post-medical visit, shouldn’t we take the “extreme medicine” prescription to replace the coach? The Dong-A line to get out of the abyss is already in Chairman Chung and the KFA.

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