‘Look, it’s a 48.6 billion class’… This is the one-point lesson of the top seniors in the league. This is the taste of camp

Doosan Bears’ master Yang Eui-ji (37) is busy at the Sydney Spring Camp in Australia. There is a lot of work to do just by preparing for Yang Eui-ji’s individual season, and he is watching his juniors’ training and pointing out the visible points every time. Jang Seung-hyun, the same catcher, arrived in Sydney about two weeks early as the starting line and trained separately. Jang Seung-hyun was in the batting average of .100 last year and desperately needed a rebound, and Yang Eui-ji listened to Jang Seung-hyun’s concerns and pointed out visible problems when hitting. After the spring camp began in earnest, he is also taking care of other juniors in the same batting group. Outfielder Kim Dae-han and catcher Kim Ki-yeon are the juniors whom Yang Eui-ji gave advice to each other.

Yang Eui-ji watched Kim Dae-han’s batting performance closely while conducting batting training at Blacktown Baseball Stadium in Sydney, Australia on the 7th. Doosan officials said, “I think I can see some of his efforts throughout the winter, but I also saw that his head worked together when he hit the ball.” Yang Eui-ji’s eyes couldn’t have seen Kim Dae-han’s head spinning when he hit the ball. Yang Eui-ji held Kim Dae-han’s shoulder and let him hit, keeping his head spinning. After giving advice, Yang Eui-ji also gave feedback while watching from behind the batting cage to see how much Kim Dae-han reflects when he hits the ball.헤라카지노주소

Yang Eui-ji said, “I don’t try to get involved with the players. I just say something to them whenever I see them. Some of my friends ask me, but I can give them some advice. The rest of them are good even if I don’t do it, as there are many competent coaches in the team. They are in the same group, Dae-han (Kim), Seung-hyun (Jang) and Ki-yeon (Kim). I tend to tell them when I see them because they are close to me.”

Captain Yang Seok-hwan sent a message to his juniors at the start of the camp, saying, “Use your seniors well.” If FA is used as a measure of success for professional players, Doosan has so many players who will set a good example. Including the ransom of Yang Eui-ji (KRW 15.2 billion for 4+2), Yang Seok-hwan (KRW 7.8 billion for 4+2), Kim Jae-hwan (KRW 11.5 billion for 4+2), Huh Kyung-min (KRW 8.5 billion for 4+3) and Jung Soo-bin (KRW 5.6 billion for 6 years), Doosan set the amount to reflect their individual performance, but also promised good treatment with the hope of setting a good example for the next generation as they are fully verified players.

“In a way, it’s a great opportunity,” Yang said. “If you look at our veterans, we have the best catcher Yang Yu-ji and a third baseman for the Korean national team (Heo Kyung-min), and Jae-hwan (Kim) was also an MVP, and there are so many people to learn from. I have to come closer and try to take away my seniors’ experiences, but I feel sorry for them in that regard. In fact, right fielder and shortstop are very good opportunities right now. I hope even a player can play baseball harder to secure that position.”

Younger players understand Yang Seok-hwan’s intentions well and are moving. Jang Seung-hyun is a player who is asking Yang Eui-ji more questions than anyone else this year. He is determined to make up for his weakness, the batting. Perhaps that’s why Doosan officials say, “Jang Seung-hyun’s batting has improved a lot.”

Kim Jae-hwan saw that seniors need to reach out first, like Yang Eui-ji. “I wish my juniors would ask me, but I think I’m not a senior who is easy for juniors to talk to. I’ve been through childhood, and I hope my juniors will come to me, of course, but I think my seniors should be able to get closer to me now. I really hope that not only the juniors but also the whole team will be a team that grits their teeth once again,” Kim Jae-hwan said.

“It is not easy for juniors to go and talk to them all of a sudden,” he said. The same applies to seniors who are not me. It is certainly difficult for juniors to suddenly go and say, “Please tell me this.” To do so, if there is a father on the team, there should be a mother and a brother, but I think that’s going well right now. (Yang) Seok-hwan is a scary brother. He gets along well with his juniors, but he does it when he has to say something scary.”

Jang Seung-hyun said, “Seok-hwan seems to be a good senior. He’s a senior who can bring everyone together, and I think he’s a captain who can bring everyone together without going out of his way.” Seok-hwan is a little strong in thinking about the team, not just by himself. Our juniors also said that they were a little greedy this year. When Seok-hwan plays a team, he steps up first and follows the team, so young people can see it and follow it better, so the team atmosphere improves.”

Doosan will hold its first spring camp in Sydney until the 19th, and continue its second spring camp in Miyazaki, Japan from the 21st. Manager Lee is trying to bring as many young players as possible to Sydney to check the possibility. As preparations for the season begin in earnest from the second camp, there will be changes to the list of players participating in the camp. Players who spend the remaining 10 days in Sydney wisely are expected to continue their opportunities to Miyazaki.

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