After 10 years with Kangmin… I couldn’t even speak because I was uncomfortable.” 37-year-old outfielder who came back from Hanwha came back with a great welcome to his old teammate

Rumor has it that Kim Kang-min (42, Hanwha Eagles) only knew Lee Myung-ki (37) right after transferring to Hanwha Eagles. Lee Jae-won (36), who was actually transferred from SSG Landers, signed a contract in January. Thus, Kim and Lee reunited in Daejeon for the first time in seven years since 2017.월카지노

Lee Myung-ki laughed at Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on the 7th (Korea time), and said, “I met Kang-min after 10 years. I couldn’t talk because I was uncomfortable at the time, but now I joke. I feel young. I’m the only one Kang-min knows, so he ordered me an errand. I’m just waiting in front of the visit.”

There are some errors in Lee’s memory, but it is true that they reunited after a very long time. The reunion between Lee and Lee is also the first in seven years. After graduating from Incheon High School, Lee joined the SK Wyverns as the 63rd pick in the second round of the eighth round in 2006, and after ten years, he left for Gwangju through a four-to-four trade with the Kia Tigers in early 2017 season. Then, he became a member of Kia’s unified victory in 2017.

Lee Myung-ki recalled, “I did well during the SK period. I was confident and had good results. I had a lot of good seniors and good team performances. I had fun playing baseball because my manager and coach were good.” Then, he moved to the NC Dinos in 2019, and signed a one-year, 100 million-won FA contract with NC in the 2022-2023 FA market before moving to Hanwha.

It didn’t go well at NC. He was disciplined as a member of the COVID-19 alcohol crisis that caused a stir, and his personal performance was not as good as that of SK and KIA teams. That’s how he came to Hanwha, but this time, his injury hit him hard. He played 14 games in the 2023 season, recording seven hits in 40 at-bats, posting a batting average of 0.175 with five RBIs, two runs scored with an OPS of 0.414.

Notably, he had to rehabilitate for as long as six months as he injured his ankle while trying to steal a base at the match against SSG in Daejeon on April 7, the third game of this season. He is reunited with Kim Kang-min and Lee Jae-won during the 2024 season when he will start anew. Lee said, “I am pleased to see Ahn Chi-hong, who met them for the first time in a long time since the KIA team played.

Lee Myung-ki said, “Rehabilitation came out longer than I thought, but it ended quickly because you took good care of it. I heard that after a year, the aftereffects will disappear. It’s been 10 months now. April is a year, so take good care of yourself and rehabilitate well. I didn’t walk for about three months in the first half of last year. Daily life was difficult,” he said.

Lee Myung-ki said, “I have played with good outfielders since I was young. I never thought that I had my spot since I was young. I think that if I do well, I will leave, and I have never thought that I compete. I just have to do well. I have to build up my body 100 percent to play. I have to be more agile. I pay a lot of attention to that.”

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