Will Ryu Hyun-jin, · ···· be able to smile at each other, SF and SD, which are in urgent need of reinforcing the starting lineup

Thirty Major League teams are preparing for spring camp in earnest ahead of the season. And news of Ryu Hyun-jin’s contract, which fans have been waiting for, has yet to be heard.마카오카지노주소

The irony is that the U.S. media still believes that Ryu Hyun-jin is an attractive player and that there are many teams that can want him. In fact, even if only the teams mentioned as Ryu Hyun-jin’s destination are considered ten fingers short.

Among them, the two most eye-catching teams are San Francisco and San Diego. Why are these teams, where Lee Jung-hoo and Kim Ha-sung play, particularly attracting attention.

For starters, both teams need to beef up starting pitchers – especially those who will serve as the tailors of their rotation. With the exception of Logan Webb, the first starting pitcher for San Francisco, all of them have question marks. Jordan Hicks, who joined the F.A., has strong pitching but switched from bullpen to starting pitcher this year, and Robbie Ray, who was brought in from Seattle through trade, underwent Tommy John surgery last year, which is why he may return to the team only in the second half. Veteran Alex Cobb underwent hip surgery and can return to the team after June.

Another attractive point is that Ryu is likely to seek a short-term contract rather than a long-term one. San Francisco did not have a large contract this winter except for Lee Jung-hoo. In other words, since it is in a situation where it is in desperate need of reinforcement of the infield as well as the starting rotation, it cannot blindly overuse a large contract. San Francisco is currently connected with Matt Chapman, one of the “Big Four” of the FA. If it can hold Ryu for a period of one to two years at an affordable price, it can catch two rabbits, namely reinforcement of starting rotation as well as reinforcement of other positions.

San Diego is also in a hurry to start four to five pitchers. Among the pitchers who made the starting rotation last year, Blake Snell, Seth Lugo, Michael Waka, and Nick Martinez left a big hole in the rotation. Given that there is no additional reinforcement, this season’s rotation is expected to see Darvish Yu and Joe Musgrove form a one-two punch, while pitchers such as Randy Ballaskes, Pedro Avila, and Michael King who do not have much starting experience filling the remaining positions. They also lack stability.

San Diego, where financial problems are already holding back, cannot afford to spend money easily. San Diego, which recruited Ko Woo-suk, Yuki Matsui, and Wandy Peralta to fill the vacancy in the bullpen where Josh Hader escaped, may be a wise choice to focus on starting pitchers with good ball power, rather than high-risk and expensive pitchers like Snell.

Both San Francisco and San Diego aim to become the “Tado Dodgers.” This is also the fate of teams in the National League West. The Dodgers, which has the most expensive and glamorous roster in history, can overcome even more than that in the postseason.

The Dodgers has many good left-handed hitters such as Freddie Freeman, Max Muncy and James Outman in Shohei Ohtani. Infielder Gavin Lux, who ended his season early due to an unexpected injury last year, is also a left-handed hitter. Left-handed pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin can take advantage.

During his time with the Dodgers, Ryu displayed extremely strong performance with 28 wins (14 losses) and a 2.62 ERA at Dodger Stadium. Likewise, he was strong at Oracle Park, home to San Francisco, and Petco Park, home to San Diego. He recorded six wins and three losses with a 2.58 ERA at Oracle Park and three wins with a 1.38 ERA at Petco Park. Steadily wrapping up his American career in familiar places. That may be what Ryu wants most.

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