“Infield Without Kim Jae-ho” Lee Seung-yeop said, “Park Joon-young is the most ideal,” will he complete a generational change that took 10 years

“In the current situation, the ideal scenario is for Park Joon-young to play shortstop.”

Doosan Bears coach Lee Seung-yeop pointed out Park Joon-young (27) as a shortstop candidate. Kim Jae-ho failed to accompany him to Australia due to his failed contract, and players who competed for shortstop last year showed disappointment, and Lee expressed his expectation for Park.월카지노주소

“We started with Kim Jae-ho, Lee Yoo-chan, and Ahn Jae-seok at the beginning of the season, but at the end, we went under Jae-ho and Park Joon-young,” Lee said in an interview at Incheon International Airport before leaving the country on the 29th. “As the shortstop is the infield commander, Kim Jae-ho and Park Joon-young have high expectations. If he shows his performance in the last season without injury, he will be able to play in many games.”

Manager Lee said, “Dusan was troubled by shortstop issues last season. It hoped that a new player would come forward, but neither Lee Yoo-chan nor Ahn Jae-seok met expectations. Ahn chose to join the military after the end of the season.

Lee Yoo-chan is still a competitor, but he left some regrets after experiencing the last season. With Kim yet to sign a contract, coach Lee Seung-yeop is looking to Park Joon-young. Kim joined the club in 2004 and failed to solidify his starting position due to Son Si-heon and others, but only in 2014 he belatedly assumed the shortstop position and led Doosan in its heyday. Despite Kim’s slight decline, no clear player has emerged to take the position. This is why the upcoming spring camp is more important for Doosan as well.

Coach Lee said, “Not only Park Joon-young, but all the players have been preparing well,” adding, “Especially in the case of Na Ah-su, coach Cho Sung-hwan is a very good leader, so I’m looking at it well. Shortstop is Oh Myung-jin, Park Joon-young, and Lee Yoo-chan, and I think the ideal scenario is for Park Joon-young to play shortstop in his current position.”

Park Joon-young is also grinding his teeth. Heading to Australia 10 days ahead of others, Park said, “I focused on weight training and was already building up before the official camp starts.

“I think it’s a big opportunity for me,” Park Joon-young told Star News at the Blacktown International Baseball Park in Sydney, Australia, on the 6th. “There are a lot of competitors, so I have more chances to play,” he said. “When others do one or two, I have a desire to do three or four.”

He was drafted first by the NC Dinos in 2016 and joined the Doosan Bears as compensation player for free agent Park Se-hyuk ahead of the last season. Having been called up since July, he had a batting average of 0.228 in 51 games, but received some passing points in defense.

Still, the situation is not reassuring. If Kim wins the contract, he has to compete with the three players and did not produce satisfactory results in last year’s batting performance. Moreover, if Kim wins the contract, chances are high that he will join the second camp in Miyazaki, Japan, and the team needs to impress Lee as much as possible.

Park Joon-young said, “As much as you look forward to it, the first goal is to prepare well and to repay the coach’s faith by playing consistently without getting sick,” adding, “What I couldn’t do last year is to fix a lot of defense so that I can give stability and make myself comfortable.”

“The team is committed to improving the contact ratio and swing and miss ratio,” he said. “I feel that I am getting better now compared to the first time as I watch videos while practicing with the coach team. At the same time, my confidence is growing. If I spend each day thinking that way, I will get better.”

He thinks it is too early to set a new goal. If anything, he is committed to as many games as possible. In other words, he can be interpreted as gaining the upper hand in the race to become the starting pitcher. In 2021, Park played 111 games. In defense, he played 697 ⅓. His goal for this season is more than that.

“My biggest goal is to finish the race without getting hurt,” he said. “I want to play as many games as possible.” Will a new person be able to take the shortstop position of Doosan in 10 years? Park Joon-young is sweating more than anyone else to seize the big opportunity.

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