You got a good blow.” Winning bullpen → Reward player → Failed, 33-year-old left-hander sharpened his knife

A new season after a big failure. But his voice was brighter and he was determined.헤라카지노도메인

Kia Tigers left-handed sidearm Kim Dae-yu (33). He transferred from LG Twins to KIA last year as compensation player for FA Park Dong-won. Analysts say that Kia, which acquired him from LG after a long absence and served as a bullpen pitcher for the 2021-2022 season, caught LG off guard and displayed good performance at the same time. However, Kim had two losses and four holds and an ERA of 5.11 in 41 games and 24 ⅔ innings last year. Compared with his previous record of 6 wins, 2 losses and 37 holds in 90 ⅓ innings in 123 games and an ERA in the early two runs, the report is poor.

“I think the psychological difference was the biggest. There was a part in the environment that I didn’t do well,” Kim said. “I tried to do too well, but I became greedy and confused. It changed after emptying my mind (after the failure in the first half of the year). “I thought, ‘This is what I can do,’ and I think I didn’t even get a main game last season,” Kim said with a smile. “It became a good study. I have to do well before I get hit, but now that I got this result, I have to accept it and admit it,” he said. “Since I got a blow last year, shouldn’t I wake up and do it now?”

The preparation for the off-season has also accelerated. “I thought I should tighten my muscles. I wanted to prepare early in general as well as my physical stamina,” Kim said, reflecting on the off-season. “I didn’t neglect to prepare last year, but this year, I was able to focus more because of the past performance.”

Kim Dae-yu’s ERA, which soared to 6.92 in 19 games in the first half, fell to 3.09 (22 games) in the second half. The first step is to continue the rebound foundation he created in the second half. “Because the flow is cut off once and then it starts again, we are focusing on continuing the condition and mindset that we had in the second half of last year,” Kim said.

Kim Dae-yu’s role in KIA is still important. Kia’s mound is dubbed the “pitcher kingdom,” but its starting lineup is solid and needs to set roles for various bullpen members to stand before the closing pitcher. If Kim Dae-yu, who is strong against left-handed hitters, is in charge of the first inning in an easy manner, Kia’s chances of success in autumn baseball will be higher.

The key is ABS (automatic pitch determination system), which will be implemented this season. Kim Dae-yu, who is good at controlling left and right sides, is concerned that he could suffer losses due to ABS, which is relatively generous at the top and bottom. “I have experienced several times in the Futures League, and I have a narrow zone and no left and right. There are some difficulties for pitchers who utilize the left and right sides of the strike zone,” Kim said. “However, as the system has already been implemented, it is important to overcome the situation well.”

After his first bullpen session at the Australian camp, Kim Dae-yu said, “I might overdo it because I’m in a hurry, and frankly, I want to build up my body even if I overdo it. I think I need to control this area well,” adding, “I think a lot about not overdoing it. If you make an emotional judgment, you will inevitably come at a cost.” “After coming to KIA, I received a lot of support from my fans, but I haven’t been able to repay them properly. I want to show them what kind of player I am and how much I can do, and I want to hear them say, ‘I’m glad I came to KIA.'”

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