Same as in elementary school.” Hanwha Still Waiting for Ryu Hyun-jin… Lee Jae-won, 2005 Memories, Fate February

The now-defunct SK Wyverns are agonizing over huge and happy thoughts ahead of the first round of nominations in the summer of 2005 and 2006. Dongsan High School, Ryu Hyun-jin or Incheon, Lee Jae-won? Both Ryu Hyun-jin and Lee Jae-won were top prospects. In the end, SK chose Lee Jae-won.라바카지노도메인

Why was it Ryu Geo-yi? Ryu had Tommy John surgery when he was a sophomore in high school. Who would have known about Ryu’s future in 2005? Some say that Ryu’s performance at the SK Wyverns was a failure, but Lee Jae-won was also a catcher who dominated his era in the SK Wyverns. Lee Jae-won left the team after a slump after the team changed its name to SSG Landers, but Lee Jae-won also served as the main catcher in Incheon for a long time.

Lee Jae-won (36, Hanwha Eagles) said at Melbourne Ball Park in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on Sunday (Korea time), “I have never played with Hyun-jin. I played separately in elementary, middle and high schools.” Of course, I once received Ryu’s ball when I was a member of the national youth team.”

Will Ryu be able to work together in Daejeon after 19 years? Lee Jae-won will join the Hanwha Eagles from this season. The Hanwha Eagles has virtually offered Ryu Hyun-jin the final offer. Ryu’s choice is left. It is February of fate. 

Lee Jae-won said, “The fact that Hyunjin is coming is a huge plus. It would be nice to come. It will be a great help to the eight fielders standing behind and synergy will occur.” In addition, he will have a special meaning to be with Ryu Hyun-jin in the second half of his active career.

Lee Jae-won suddenly smiled and said, “I’ve known him well since elementary school. I’ve only ever tried hitting Hyunjin’s ball. But he has the same form as now and then. His form and balance are the same in elementary school or in the Major League. I throw the same.” Ryu changed the history of Korean baseball with just that consistency.

Lee Tae-yang, who also had an individual training session with Ryu Hyun-jin in Okinawa, Japan, is also a nagging comment. “Hyun-jin hyung watches all the Hanwha games. I (Jang) Min-jae and I haven’t talked much about it now that we are veterans, but we have given a lot of advice to young people like (Male) Jimin and (Kim) Kijung,” he said.

He recalled that he exercised well in a family-like atmosphere with Ryu. However, Lee Tae-yang did not hear what Ryu was thinking. “Hyun-jin doesn’t really say things like that,” he said with a smile. “If Hyun-jin comes, he will improve his capability. This year, I will also compete for the starting pitcher, and if Hyun-jin comes, I will naturally go to the bullpen.”

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