Captain Ki Sung-yueng returns from “Seoul’s Key Is Key.”

FC Seoul coach Kim Ki-dong recently named Ki Sung-yueng as the leader of the New Year’s squad in Kagoshima, Japan, his training camp.꽁머니

Coach Kim said in a meeting with a reporter on the 5th, “Ki Sung-yong (Ki Sung-yong’s nickname) needs to be at the helm of the ship called Seoul to go well,” adding, “Ki Sung-yong is such a player in Seoul.”

As head coach Kim said, it is the first time in three years since 2021 that Ki Sung-yueng, a midfielder who symbolizes Seoul, has served as a captain.

At that time, Ki Sung-yueng led his players as captain for about one year and a half, but put down his captain’s armband under the judgment that other players need to take responsibility as well. As a result, taking the captaincy position again was not an easy decision to make.

Coach Kim said, “It is not strange to say ‘three times’ since Ki Sung-yueng joined the Seoul team on the 2nd and only had three separate interviews with the captain.

“It was the process of persuading the player to make him feel pressured,” Kim said in a behind-the-scenes video. “He said no at first, but he also said no at the second time. He went to his room last night (on April 4) and managed to win the acceptance of the captaincy.”

Consequently, Ki also accepted the offer on condition that Cho Young-wook, who was discharged from the military early last year after winning the gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games, serves as vice captain. “I’m worried because Cho is too nice,” Ki said, accepting the responsibility and role that he has focused on himself.

In fact, this is not the first time that head coach Kim has shown his willingness to reorganize Seoul around Ki Sung-yueng.

Before leaving Pohang Steelers for Seoul, Kim met Ki Sung-yueng, who had already become a free agent, and asked for help. After signing the contract, he openly mentioned in an official press conference that Ki Sung-yueng is a necessary player.

Ki joked, “The coach has set me up so I can’t go anywhere else,” and vowed, “I’ll work hard to achieve better results in the new year.” This is the moment when Seoul’s 2024 voyage begins, less than a month before the opening game.

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