When did Lotte’s home turf become so solid? Even without a .300 backup catcher, there is no crack in “Capture Kingdom.”

Will there be a crack in the “Fosu Kingdom”? Nevertheless, chances are high that Lotte will not be swayed.헤라카지노도메인

Lotte has been holding its spring camp in Guam since July 1. Except for two players, Lotte had no peculiarity in its list of spring camps. Shim Jae-min, who was considered the top candidate for the fifth starting lineup, was excluded from the camp list early on due to shoulder pain. And catcher Chung Bo-geun was excluded from the list of the spring camp. Chung suffered an unexpected injury. He was hit on the thumb of his right hand by a foul ball in the last Cheongbaek match, which was held ahead of the end of last year’s finals camp. Chung had to undergo surgery for fractured thumb of his right hand. At the time of his team’s induction ceremony last year, Chung also appeared in a cast on his right hand.

Finally, he took off his cast and started light training right before the start of the spring camp. After ending the season early last year due to a hamstring injury at the end of the regular season, he cannot participate in the spring camp. In other words, bad luck has come to him one after another.

If he is healthy, he can be seen as the best backup catcher to succeed his main catcher Yoo Kang-nam. At a time when catchers could feel frustrated for the club, Chung steadily gained experience. He gained 206 games from 2019 to 2022. He also served as a dedicated catcher for foreign pitchers and was recognized for his defensive skills through his strong shoulders and creative ball combination. He garnered a lot of attention in a short period of time, and criticism was high. However, it provided an opportunity to accumulate and build up experience. He has established himself as a catcher trusted by pitchers.

With his strong defense, he displayed remarkable batting performance last year. As a catcher who lacked more offense than defense, he showed off his formidable offense with a batting average of 333 (27 hits, one homer and 13 RBIs in 81 times at bat) in 55 games last year.

There was a time when Son Sung-bin, a former first-time nominee and promising catcher, was temporarily unavailable after being discharged from the military athletic unit. However, Yoo Kang-nam hit hard at the time when he was injured. At the match against Sajik NC on Aug. 2 last year, he hit a home run off Eric Peddy, the 20-win MVP who has become a major leaguer.

During the month of August, Lotte’s troubleshooter was Chung In-geun. During the month, Chung performed robustly with 433-ri (18 hits in 41 times at bat) with one home run, nine RBIs, eight walks and five strikeouts, and an OPS of 1.179. Although his momentum did not continue to the end, starting last year, Chung was able to establish himself as a backup catcher who demonstrated robust attack capability. It is not unreasonable to say that he is the best resource among players classified as backup catchers for 10 teams.

For the information center, this year’s spring camp was a golden opportunity to continue the momentum of last year. However, the team failed to take advantage of this opportunity due to injury. Now, the team has no choice but to feel a sense of crisis and be nervous. The players of Lotte’s catcher team are different from before. He is not easy enough to go back to his position even if he is away for a while.

Former catcher Kim Tae-hyung once praised Lotte’s catcher lineup, saying, “I think he is the best in the league.” Ryu Kang-nam, the team’s main catcher, has been showing off his robustness as the main homeowner of LG and Lotte for over a decade. There is a backup catcher named Intelligence Geun, but a prospect named Son Sung-bin, who can replace him. Son Seong-bin was also trained to the point where he was exhausted in the first division last year and built up experience in games. He has improved significantly from the time he was discharged from the military in Sangmu.

In the second division, there is catcher Kang Tae-yul, who was first nominated in 2015, and catcher Seo Dong-wook, who graduated from Hongik University last year and joined the team as a nurturing player, also showed his presence as an offensive catcher in the Futures League. Although he changed his position to an outfielder under the former general manager system, he has been wearing a catcher’s mask again since last year’s closing camp and knocking on the seat of the next generation’s home turf.

As such, the gap between starting pitchers and backup has narrowed a lot for Lotte’s catcher team. The team has established a lineup of catchers that is not difficult even if the backup catcher is responsible for one or two games a week. It is an environment in which Yoo Kang-nam, the main player, can be arranged for physical strength, and backup players can play relatively regularly to maintain their senses and gain experience.

Just because there is no backup catcher with a .300 mark does not mean that the catcher kingdom will collapse easily. Lotte’s catcher team has become solid like this.

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