Lower than Verlander? Kim Ha-sung is already attracting attention as a big fish FA. “Yuri is young.”

Awesome Kim’s Kim Ha-sung (29, San Diego Padres) is already considered a “pre-FA” to pay attention to. Attention is focusing on how he will be treated if he exercises his FA rights after this season.

The score, a U.S. sports media outlet, selected the FA rankings of Major League Baseball players on Tuesday (Korea time). The FA rankings are not based on players in the current FA market, but pre-emptive FA rankings for “pre-FAs” who will enter the FA market after the 2024 season. “The Score” ranks the FA players from No. 1 to No. 20.라바카지노도메인

Kim Ha-sung was ranked 15th. “Kim Ha-sung has mutual options for the 2025 season, but he rarely executes them, so he will probably qualify as an FA after this season,” said “The Score,” predicting that Kim Ha-sung will enter the FA market after the end of this season without implementing mutual options with the San Diego club.

Kim Ha-sung, who showed off his league-class defense as well as shortstop and third baseman while playing as San Diego’s main second baseman, won the Gold Glove Award in the National League Utility Division. He also showed rapid development in batting, and had the best season of his career with .260 17 homers, 60 RBIs and 38 stolen bases. His 38 stolen bases have set a new record for the most stolen bases in a single season by a Korean Major Leaguer.

In a word, Kim Ha-sung’s value is bound to grow in that he is an infielder with high-quality skills such as offense, defense, and baserunning. “The Score” predicted that Kim Ha-sung will be an interesting FA infielder option because he boasts solid but far-flamboyant offense, excellent base play, and excellent defense in three positions, winning the Gold Glove in the utility category last year.”

Above all, Kim Ha-sung has considerable merit because he is still in his 20s. The media also pointed out, “Kim Ha-sung is younger than other FA infielders, so his age will work in his favor.”

“The Score” selected Juan Soto as the No. 1 prospective FA ranking. Soto left San Diego for the New York Yankees after the last season. Last season, he hit .275 with 35 home runs, 109 RBIs and 12 stolen bases, and set a career high in home runs.

Garrett Cole, the ace of the Yankees and last year’s winner of the American League Cy Young Award, was chosen as the runner-up. The media forecast that Cole will exercise his opt-out rights after this season. Alex Bregman, the Houston Astros’ main third baseman, was traded to the Baltimore Orioles for No. 4, right-hander Corbin Burns from the Cy Young Award, No. 5, Atlanta Braves’ left-hander Max Fried, No. 6, Philadelphia Phillies’ top right-hander Jack Wheeler, No. 7, St. Louis Cardinals’ veteran first baseman, Jose Altuve, No. 8, New York Mets’ big shot first baseman Pete Alonso was ranked No. 10, and Boston Red Sox’s veteran closer Kenley Jensen was ranked No. 3.

Baltimore outfielder Anthony Santander was ranked 11th, Arizona Diamondbacks center hitter Christian Walker was ranked 12th, Cleveland Guardians right-hander Shane Bieber was ranked 13th, and Houston right-hander Juston Verlander, 41, was ranked 14th, one place ahead of Kim Ha-sung. Verlander pitched in 27 games for the Mets and Houston last year and pitched 162 ⅓ innings, showing off his old record with 13 wins, 8 losses and 3.22 ERA.

Meanwhile, behind Kim Ha-sung, who is ranked 15th, Toronto Blue Jays homebody Danny Jensen ranked 16th, big gun third baseman Eugenio Suarez, who was traded to Arizona, ranked 17th, Yankees main second baseman Gleyber Torres ranked 18th, Milwaukee Brewers main shortstop Willy Adames ranked 19th, and legendary right-hander Max Scherzer, who is about to turn 40, ranked 20th, respectively.

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