Ryu Hyun-jin, who is on the verge of “3rd place in the CY vote → demotion of the minor”, is there no trade? U.S. media said, “I don’t have any plans to transfer, I will join the TOR rotation.”

John Morosi of the U.S. MLB Network said on the 1st (Korea time) that “major league clubs have inquired about the possibility of recruiting Alec Manoa through trade with the Toronto Blue Jays, but according to sources, Toronto has no plans to transfer Manoa.”

Manoa has already been well known to domestic fans, and he started his professional career after being nominated by Toronto as the 11th overall pick in the first round of the 2019 Major League Rookie Draft. As can be seen from the order of his nomination, Manoa is a player who admired and followed “Korean Monster” Ryu Hyun-jin so well that he has the modifier “Ryu Hyun-jin Baragi,” such as being evaluated as a “special promising stock.”마카오카지노도메인

Manoah made his big league debut in 2021, when he pitched in 20 games and made a brilliant debut with a 9-2 record with a 3.22 ERA, ranking eighth in voting for the AL Rookie of the Year award that year. And his potential for the 2022 season has exploded. Manoah pitched in 31 games and consumed 196 ⅔s, and posted the best record among Toronto starters with a 16-7 record with a 2.24 ERA. Manoah had a great season at the time, ranking third in voting for the AL Cy Young Award.

It was last year that Manoah, who continued his winning streak without a slump for the second year, fell. Perhaps because he played too many innings in the previous season, Manoah only played 87 ⅓ in 19 games last year, and was greatly sluggish with three wins, nine losses and a 5.87 ERA. Manoah only recorded three ⅓ in his first appearance of the season, and in his second appearance, he pitched well with a quality start+ (less than three earned runs in seven innings) with seven scoreless innings, but he continued to show up and down.

The most shocking thing was that Manoah was demoted to the minor leagues when he couldn’t get out of his slump. Manoah decided to send Manoah down to the minor leagues after failing to harvest a win in six games in May last year and leaving a shocking six-run record (six earned runs) in his first appearance in June after ⅓ innings. For Manoah, the shock doubled in that he was demoted to the Rookie League, not even Triple-A under his umbrella, even though he rose to the third place in voting for the Cy Young Award in the previous season.

Manoah will return to the mound in the big league in July after a hiatus. However, Manoah was left with one win and one loss and an ERA of 4.34 in four games in July, and failed to rebound with one win and one loss and an ERA of 5.91 in two appearances in August, before being demoted to the minor league again. Notably, despite Toronto’s postseason stage by winning the wild card competition, Manoah was never called to the big league.

Manoah, whose position has been narrowed down due to two demotion to the minor leagues, has been embroiled in various trade rumors since the end of the season. Multiple U.S. media outlets reported that when Ryu left the team after he became an FA (free agent), he had to exclude Manoah from the starting lineup and reinforce his selection. In fact, Toronto also thought of using Manoah as a trade item.

For now, however, Toronto seems to have decided not to trade Manoah. Considering that Toronto has not been reinforcing its selection so far, Manoah is likely to rejoin the starting rotation this year. If Manoah joins as a starter, Toronto is very likely to use Manoah as its fifth starter, following Kevin Gausman-Hose Berrios-Chris Bassett-Kikuchi Yusei.

“MLB Network” John Morosi evaluated that Toronto prepared well for the offseason with the news that it would not carry out Manoah’s trade. “I heard Manoah had very good training during the offseason,” Morosi said. “Manoah is expected to enter Toronto’s starting rotation.”

Can Manoah, who ranked third in the American League Cy Young Award voting in the 2022 season, overcome the humiliation of being demoted to the minor leagues twice and become a starting pitcher representing the major leagues once again.

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