“Fast-Fast-Fast-Arrested Performance” Jin-mi Hu, ML Survival Success

Shintaro Fujimi (30), who showed poor performance despite his fastballs, has succeeded in surviving in the Major League. He will wear the New York Mets uniform.라바카지노도메인

New York Post John Hayman, a local media outlet in New York, said on the 3rd (Korea time) that the New York Mets and Fujimi agreed to a one-year-$3.35 million contract.

As a result, Fujimi succeeded in surviving in the Major League. It seems that it was possible because even the worst performance last year had fast balls.

Fujimi entered the Major League last year by signing a one-year contract with the Oakland Athletics through the posting system.

He had high expectations for his pitches, which were up to 160 km per hour, but the result was disastrous. Fujimi pitched 49 1/3 innings in 34 games for Oakland, recording an 8.57 ERA.

Since then, after being traded to the Baltimore Orioles, Fujinami has pitched 292/3 innings in 30 games, showing a slight improvement with a 4.85 ERA.

Last year, he pitched 79 innings for two teams and posted an ERA of 7.18. As a result, Fujimi’s Major League career seemed to end last year.

However, Fujimi succeeded in winning a one-year contract from the New York Mets in the free agency market, and will continue his major league career.

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