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His father could become a manager. His family’s plan could change. Still, he was cool. Lee Jung-hoo (26) of the San Francisco Giants mentioned the rumor that his father Lee Jong-beom (54) will coach Kia.

“I didn’t talk to my father (about KIA coach),” Lee said in an interview before leaving for the U.S. on Tuesday. “It’s a sensitive issue. I’m not even a player that I can talk about the coach position of a team.”

“In fact, it’s mentioned every time we talk about the director. I don’t think I’ve heard anything directly from him. That’s why I’m more cautious,” he said. “That’s my dad’s life again. He’ll take care of it.”

Lee Jung-hoo (left) and coach Lee Jong-beom. Saji | Sports Seoul DB

KIA has no manager as of the 29th. It terminated its contract with head coach Kim Jong-kook. Currently, it is under investigation by prosecutors on charges of negligence. It is difficult to conduct the spring camp. It was suspended from duty on the 28th. We broke up after a day. It was difficult to go together.헤라카지노주소

We need to find a new coach. The timing is difficult. The head coach is vacant just before the spring camp. Preparations for the new season, including the formation of the coaching staff, may be confusing. This is why there is a possibility of internal promotion.

Another person mentioned from outside is Lee Jong-beom. He is one of the best franchise stars in the history of the Tigers. He was the “main character of the dynasty.” He is still receiving absolute support from his fans.

Coach Lee Jong-beom (left) and Lee Jung-hoo, who collaborated for the gold medal as coaches and athletes at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, posed side by side. Photograph | Jakarta = Yonhap News

He has never been a coach at Kia. After retirement, he started as a Hanwha coach. He took charge of LG’s second division in 2019. After returning to the Chunichi Dragons training, he continued to work at LG from 2021 to 2023. He served as manager of Futures, first-team operation coach, batting coach, and baserunning coach.

He came out of LG after the 2023 season. His son Lee Jung-hoo is going to the Major League by signing a contract with San Francisco. His son-in-law Ko Woo-seok also signed a contract with San Diego. We went to the U.S. together and made training plans.

Against this backdrop, Kia became the head coach of the team. It does not have to be Lee Jong-beom. However, Tigers manager Lee Jong-beom is certainly attractive.

Lee Jung-hoo, left, poses with his father Lee Jong-beom after signing a contract with San Francisco. Photograph | San Francisco=EPA Yonhap News

Nothing has been decided. Lee Jung-hoo also declined to comment. “My father didn’t say anything before I left the country. He told me to take care of myself. My father also has a training plan. I think we will live together in the United States,” he said.

He added, “I don’t know when my family will come. I’m coming, and my father is coming. My mom is the same. I’ve decided to help out in San Francisco.”

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