AFC Official Announcement…The reason for Hussein’s exit from ‘Raw Mukbang’ is because of the delay in the game

The reason for the warning received by Aymen Hussein of Iraq, who was sent off after the grass mukbang ceremony and provided an excuse for an upset loss, was revealed to be the delay in the game.

AFC announced in an official statement on the 2nd (Korea Standard Time) that “Husein’s exit was decided in accordance with Article 12 of the International Football Association Committee (IFAB) rules on fouls and misconduct: delayed disciplinary action.”마카오토토주소

Hussein scored a come-from-behind goal in the 31st minute of the second half when he was 1-1 against Jordan in the round of 16 on the 29th, and was given a second warning after a “grass eating” ceremony.

Since then, Iraq, which failed to overcome its numerical inferiority, allowed Jordan to score two goals in a row in the second half of extra time, losing 2-3 and being eliminated.

Even foreign media speculated about the somewhat absurd scene, including “the scene of eating grass mocked Jordan’s eating habits,” “the inclusion of racism in eating with the left hand” and “damaging stadium facilities.”

The real reason turned out to be that he dragged his feet too long. After scoring a goal, Hussein ran around the track outside the stadium to the front of the stands, shared his joy with teammates, and returned to the lawn by himself for more ceremonies.

“At that time, referee Alireza Paganini strongly issued verbal warnings to Hussein three times, but when the ceremony was delayed, he took out the warnings,” the AFC said. “It was a correct judgment in accordance with the rules of the game. AFC wants fans, media and officials to respect the decision as well.”

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