Trade → Apology “I have nothing to say even if I have 10 mouths… Thank you and I’m sorry, I don’t have the LG personality, but I feel like I’m keeping the line.”

Kim Min-soo (26), who recently changed his uniform from Lotte Giants to LG Twins through a trade, expressed his gratitude and apology, recalling the Lotte Giants fans who are now his former team.

The LG Twins team left for Arizona, the U.S., where the 2024 spring camp will be held, through Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of the 30th.월카지노도메인

LG and Lotte agreed to sign and trade on the 26th. LG signed a FA contract with veteran infielder Kim Min-sung, who was an internal free agent, and then hired Kim Min-soo through a one-on-one trade with Lotte.

Kim Min-soo met with reporters before leaving the country and said, “Of course, I have baseball, but I have a wife and a baby, so I have a lot to think about how to move. As soon as the house in Busan is resolved, my wife will recognize the house in Seoul.”

Kim Min-soo was not listed on the spring camp list at Lotte, but he was included on the camp list after moving to LG. “I thought I bought time because I didn’t make the spring camp list at Lotte, but suddenly a big fire fell,” he said.

Now, I have to adjust to the new team. “I think I have to pay attention to the atmosphere of the team and the relationship between seniors and juniors. Baseball is a team sport, so that will help. I hope I don’t get hurt again,” Kim stressed.

Kim Min-soo left a message to Lotte fans. “I have nothing to say,” he said. “If I did well, it would not have been traded. The club that gave me the opportunity would have wanted me to do something, and the fans would have wanted me to do something. I’m sorry I couldn’t meet that aspect. I knew I was loved by Lotte fans, but it was even more impressive when I got traded. I also received a lot of messages. I felt like, ‘Oh, I was getting more love.’ I was grateful and sorry,” he said calmly.

When asked about close players at LG, he said, “There are (Hong) Chang-ki who was with Geelong Korea and the National Police Agency, and there are Lee Jae-won who couldn’t come to this camp. (Kim) Yoo-young did it together at Lotte, and (Baek) Seung-hyun is also there. We need to get closer gradually. I’m not the type to be shy.”

What did you think of LG from the outside? “He seemed highly cohesive. When we faced LG (LG) at Lotte, I felt that we (players) were doing it together and finishing it. It felt like we were all united. However, when I saw the players’ mood in the locker room (before moving to the airport) this morning, I understood a little bit why that was possible. I don’t seem to have any sense of humor, but I feel like I’m being held to the line,” Kim said, before renewing his commitment to become a housekeeper in LG. “I want to be a player who can fill in gaps if there is not enough, and who can scratch the itchiness.”

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