Sudden crash that fell just before departure… KIA’s concerns contained in the ‘dismissal of duty’ of the head coach

Unexpected bad news, the worst timing.

KIA in the professional baseball league is in shock. It has been reported that Kim Jong-guk, the head of the team, was investigated by the prosecution over allegations of bribery. It is a serious negative factor that reminds us of the shock of Jang Jung-seok’s alleged bribery scandal that took place last year.헤라카지노

◆ “A bolt out of the blue in the dry sky”

“We confirmed that manager Kim is under investigation by the investigating authorities on the 25th, and we finally confirmed it at a meeting with him on the 27th,” the club said. After the announcement, Kia’s general manager Shim Jae-hak revealed himself that the allegation was related to money and valuables. “It is a separate case from the suspicion that the team received bribes from an independent team that recently arose. We recognized this through a tip from an official, and we met with the manager in person to confirm that he was under investigation by the prosecution,” he said.

Details of the allegations are not known. A club official said, “We are cautious as it could affect the investigation. We have only confirmed that it is a suspicion of accepting bribes, but we are working hard to find out the details.” Finally, KIA suspended manager Kim as its first response, saying, “We decided that he could not perform his duties normally as a manager while the investigation was underway.”

This is where concerns are visible. All that was investigated due to suspicion. There is no clear justification for immediate action such as dismissal or dismissal, as no clear illegal act has been confirmed. Even so, it is absurd to accompany him to the camp as it is. This is because proper guidance is unlikely at a time when unsavory suspicions are known, and the possibility of the suspicions turning out to be true cannot be ruled out.

Director Shim also could not hide his difficulty, saying, “It is a suspension of duty considering that it is in the stage of suspicion and investigation,” adding, “Shouldn’t we decide on future measures or director Kim’s future after watching the investigation?”

◆ “Running out of the way”

Only KIA teams have faced challenges. The timing is not so good right now that the team is about to depart for the spring camp. During the three-month period from the end of last season, everything was accomplished, including formation of team members and selection of coaching staff. This process is bound to include the coach’s plans and intentions.

You’ve lost the artist who put the finished product in your head and drew his own sketch. Finding someone willing to sit in the place where you can’t get the tide, paint, and materials you want, even if you want to bring in a new artist, is like picking a star in the sky.

However, it is nonsense to continue indefinitely with a “suspension of duty” while waiting for the completion of the prosecution’s investigation, which takes a long time. Even if the camp is conducted under the system of senior coach Jin Gap-yong as the team announced, the absence of the head of the team will inevitably have side effects in some way in the future. This is all the more so for KIA, which is considered worthy of competing with LG and KT this season.

Manager Kim Jong-guk has created a situation in which he is in a dilemma, which cannot be a clear answer no matter what choice he makes. This is why fans are exasperated and regretful that the prosecution investigation should have informed the club as soon as possible, not through a tip-off from an official. As a Tigers man for nearly 30 years, he feels even more disappointed. The worst start, what is needed now is to reach a conclusion.

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