Do you want me to give wings to Samsung without reinforcing the attack

Manager Park Jin-man predicted that expanding the base size would have a positive effect on the team. Samsung ranked fifth in this category with 103 stolen bases last year. Ryu Ji-hyuk stole bases 26 times, ranking first in the team’s stolen bases.헤라카지노

“I didn’t know when I was in KIA, but after I joined our team, I realized that Ryu was good at stealing bases. Stealing a base doesn’t mean fast feet. You need to have a sense of humor and understand the habits of opposing pitchers,” coach Park Jin-man said in a high evaluation of Ryu’s stolen base ability.

Kim Sung-yoon set a new record for a single season with 20 steals, while Kim Ji-chan (13) and Koo Ja-wook (12) also achieved double-digit steals side by side.

In particular, Kim Ji-chan is considered the best quasi-jok in the team, showing active baserunning play in a fistula, achieving 20 steals for three consecutive years from 2020.

“Half of the batters I can play in the starting lineup are sluggers. If Koo is in good condition, he can easily achieve 30 steals. Ryu Ji-hyuk, Kim Ji-chan and Kim Sung-yoon are all excellent runners. Kim Hyun-joon should also focus on this and prepare. I am sure he will be of great help to the team,” he said.

In baseball, there is a saying that “there is no slump in the foot.” The ace can lose control and the bat of a .300 hitter can rest sometimes, but a fast foot can’t go anywhere unless it is an injury.

Samsung focused on reinforcing the mound in the offseason, but there was no positive factor in its offense. Attention is focusing on how expanding the base size will help Samsung improve its scoring ability.

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