“I’m a Hit Culture Player” Terry Rozier’s Resolution

Rosier wore a Miami uniform.

Terry Rozier of the Miami Heat held a press conference to join the Miami Marlins on Saturday (Korea time). Rozier expressed his anticipation for joining the Miami Marlins.

Miami is a powerhouse in the Eastern Conference that advanced to the final last season. However, it is inferior to the Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks, and Philadelphia 76ers, who are known as the Big Three in the East. Its ups and downs are holding Miami back.

In response, the Miami Marlins made a trade with Kyle Lowry, who acquired Rosier from the Charlotte Hornets after giving up the first-round pick.꽁머니사이트

“I’m a big fan of the Miami Heat and Dwyane Wade. Joining Miami is a real turning point. I’m able to compete in the playoffs again. It’s a huge deal,” Rozier said.

Rozier averaged 23.2 points, 3.9 rebounds, and 6.6 assists with a 45.9 percent success rate this season for Charlotte. In other words, he is a resource that can strengthen Miami’s offense. The key is Rosier’s adaptation to Miami.

Miami has its own unique “Heat Culture” that puts stickiness and teamwork first. Attention should be paid to whether Rosier will be able to blend into the hit culture.

Rozier said, “I definitely think I need time to adjust. I can’t pursue perfect breathing right now. But I’m the right player for the Heat culture. I can also help right away from defense. We are professional farmers. I’ll figure out how to adjust smoothly.”

Manager Eric Spoelstra also welcomed the addition of Rosier.

“Terry Rozier is a competitive player. He also has a huge impact on victory. Rozier really wanted to join Miami. We want players who are similar to us in how we view the competition,” Spoelstra said.

Rozier will lead the Miami backcourt with Tyler Hiro.

Spoelstra said, “They both possess high-quality skills. Hirohito has improved his ball handling and playmaking skills. Terry Rozier knows how to play with a ball. In this process, Rozier will be able to play more naturally.”

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