Baltimore General Manager Looking for Starter “Keeps Holding Phone”

Mike Elias, general manager of the Baltimore Orioles, expressed his thoughts, saying there is still a lot of time left in the Major League Baseball transfer market, which is unexpectedly slow.

Elias said at a club event held on the 26th (Korea time), “There is still time left,” in a meeting with local media such as “MASN.”

Baltimore is reportedly seeking to beef up its starting lineup in the upcoming transfer market. The team is looking for a replacement for Kyle Gibson, who left the team after qualifying as an FA.

MASN said they are interested in Michael Lorenzen and discussed trade with the Chicago White Sox and Miami Marlins, but the demands are too high. Some media outlets reported interest in Domingo Hermann, he added, is not true.월카지노

“This team is already in good shape. We won 101 games last year. That’s when 90 to 95 percent of our capacity returns after winning the district championship. That’s why we’re not reorganizing our team, but looking for an upgrade,” Elias said, explaining the direction of the team’s reinforcement.

“The offseason is still ongoing, there is still a lot of work left, and various discussions are still underway,” he said, adding that the power reinforcement has not been completed.

This offseason, the market is running slowly due to problems with broadcasting rights contracts. It’s the end of January, but many FA players still remain in the market.

“It’s a slower-than-usual offseason,” Elias said, but “We’ve been having discussions since the Winter Meetings. I just didn’t find the right opportunity, but there’s still time,” he said of the slow-moving market.

For Baltimore, Kyle Bradycie, Grayson Rodriguez and Dean Kremer will return, and veteran John Minns will return, with Cole Irvin, Tyler Wells, DL Hall and Bruce Zimmerman remaining options.

“Our team has five or six pitchers more than that right now. They had a good season last year. But I think there is still room for further reinforcement. We will find contracts, investments, and trades that suit the team. There is an operating model that has brought us to this position. We will continue to apply that and find recruits that we will like,” he said, stressing that there is room for reinforcement of starters.

He also said, “I’m holding on to my phone every day,” and added, “I’m considering a full range of starting pitchers from 1st to 2nd pre-issuance to 3rd to 5th pre-issuance.”

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