0 games in the first division → Even in two tryouts, there is no giving up… “Cho Yong-geun, I’m working really hard.” A 28-year-old college graduate transfer, anything you want to hear

Pitcher Cho Yong-geun (28), who became a new member of KT Wiz, was earnest and full of confidence.헤라카지노

KT recently hired Cho through a test. The name “Cho Yong-geun” is unfamiliar not only to KT fans but also to baseball fans.

Cho Yong-geun, a right-handed pitcher who graduated from Gong High School and Chung-Ang University, turned from a fielder to a pitcher in his third year of college. He entered the draft in 2019 but after seeing the pain of being eliminated, he got a pass through the LG Fostering Test held in September that year and wore the LG uniform.

At the time, Cho Yong-geun vowed, “I prepared with all my heart as it was my last chance. I will never forget my initial commitment and do my best to be promoted to an official player.”

However, he never stepped on the mound in the top-tier Futures League. It was not easy to win the LG pitching staff competition where many promising players are full of potential. He went around the Futures League without playing in the top-tier Futures League, and was released after the end of the 2021 season leaving a record of three wins, one loss, six saves and five holds with an ERA of 5.75 in 41 Futures games.

Cho Yong-geun, who was discharged from the military in July last year after fulfilling his duty of national defense, recognized his new team. KT, which was in the midst of finishing training on Jeju Island in November, called Cho. Cho packed his bags and headed to Jeju Island, and succeeded in becoming a member of KT, throwing his ball confidently in front of everyone.

A KT official who watched Cho Yong-geun’s pitch at the time said, “Overall, the stable mechanism and control are above average,” adding, “Fast ball restraint and slider movement are strong at a high level.”

“After completing my military service in July, I was contacted in November and headed straight to Jeju Island,” Cho Yong-geun, who had a recent phone conversation with MK Sports, said. “I didn’t know much at the time. Still, I threw my ball hard. I didn’t feel bad when I was preparing. I have to prepare for the 2024 season, but I will prepare hard before the opening of the season and make an effort to be in the first division.”

Although Cho has no professional career in the main league yet, he is 29 years old in Korean age. He is on the verge of entering the 30th line. At KT’s mound where many young pitchers are located, Cho Yong-geun is also a member of the middle and high school team. Except for Ko Young-pyo, Woo Kyu-min, Kim Min-soo, and Park Si-young, Cho is younger or similar to Cho. As a result, Cho’s mindset is different from that of LG.

“When I was in LG, I was a rookie, so I had no choice but to look at the situation around me more than myself,” Cho said. “However, as far as I know, I am a veteran of KT. I may feel more pressure than I did during the LG period, but I think I just need to prepare what I need to do. I am building my body comfortably.”

Is there anything you want to hear from KT fans? “I want to hear ‘That player is working really hard.’ I want to do better now that I am old. I will try to silently throw my ball,” Cho’s commitment was.

Cho Yong-geun, who wants to take the mound in the first division with the goal of entering the first division entry in the upcoming season, will be able to imprint his name on KT fans in 2024.

The first episode of the drama dreamed of by a 28-year-old transfer who has experienced two entrance tests and release will soon begin.

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