NBA Milwaukee picks reverse for coach… 4th place in multiple PO wins history

The Milwaukee Bucks of the National Basketball Association (NBA) selected Doc Rivers as their new coach.마카오토토도메인

ESPN reported on Monday (Korea time) that Rivers has agreed to coach Milwaukee. Milwaukee is ranking second (30 wins and 13 losses) in the Eastern Conference this season, but fired former coach Adrian Griffin just seven months after appointing him. The Milwaukee club has decided that it needs a stronger leader to win the championship game. Griffin made his debut as a head coach this season. In contrast, Rivers has a great career.

Rivers took the helm of the Orlando Magic in 1999 and served as manager of the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Clippers, and Philadelphia Phillies. He won the Manager of the Year Award in 2000 and led Boston to a championship game in 2008. He won 1,097 games (9th) in the NBA’s regular season and 111 games (4th) in the playoffs.

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