“Ballon d’Or WINNER is back? Man Utd – Arsenal line up!” Benzema preparing to escape Saudi Arabia… “Money doesn’t matter.”

2022 Ballon d’Or winner Karim Benzema is preparing to return to Europe.

Spain’s Marca reported on the possibility of Benzema’s return to Europe on the 25th (Korea time), saying, “It’s the last meeting between Benzema and RT Hard.”

Benzema left Real Madrid for Saudi Arabia last summer. It was a shocking transfer for soccer fans. Just one year ago, Benzema, who rose to the top of the world by winning the Ballon d’Or in 2022, surprised the soccer community by leaving for the Middle East instead of Europe after accompanying Real.

At the time, sports media ESPN claimed that Benzema was offered a condition of 400 million euros (about 550 billion won) for two years from Al-Tihad, which made it possible to guess that Saudi Arabia’s courtship against Cristiano Ronaldo, who moved to Saudi Al-Nasr, was the same as the salary he was offered.

When he joined the club, Benzema said, “I’m excited to experience new leagues in various countries. The R-Etihad club has an amazing history, enthusiastic fans, and great aspiration to play in Asian soccer after winning the league. I achieved everything I could in Spain and Europe. I feel it’s time to take on new challenges and projects.”

Benzema’s move to Saudi Arabia was expected to be a success. Benzema sent Saudi fans into a frenzy by scoring from his debut match. However, the Saudi Arabian team did not last long. Some argued that Nunu Santo and Benzema were at odds with each other, which forced him to leave the team for Benzema. Al Itihad, which has brought in a number of famous players along with Benzema, remains in seventh place in the league with disappointing performances. Fans are also expressing antipathy to Benzema by calling him the “son of defeat.”

Marca said, “Benjema and Al Itihad plan to meet with the goal of a final meeting to decide on Benzema’s future. Benzema, who left his short time behind in Saudi soccer and requested his return to Europe, does not seem to have the right to decide. It is not easy to reach an agreement right now, and there was already the first meeting.”

“He is not showing up at the RT Hard training camp, and several clubs have asked about his possibility. Manchester United and Arsenal are clubs that talk to RT Hard as well as Benzema’s confidants,” he said, explaining that big European clubs such as Manchester United and Arsenal are already planning to recruit Benzema.랭크카지노주소

For Benzema, returning to Europe seems to be the top priority. Marca said, “For Benzema, money is not an important obstacle. Benzema already knows he won’t be paid much. However, the owner of Al Itihad doesn’t understand Benzema’s position and wants him to leave the team. However, Benzema still hopes to change the situation,” adding that Benzema wants to leave Saudi Arabia and return to Europe under any conditions.

The possibility of Benzema’s return has already been mentioned. England’s Team Talk said, “Manchester United want to ease the burden on Huirun by signing a veteran striker. The club spoke with Werner but failed to push forward with the deal, and Werner quickly agreed to a loan deal with Tottenham. Manchester United turned their attention to alternative options. They turned to Karim Benzema.”

In addition to Manchester United, Arsenal also participated in the competition to recruit Benzema, and courts against him are continuing, so big European clubs will show great interest in Benzema and RT Hard clubs.

In addition to Benzema, European players who recently headed to Saudi Arabia are continuing to consider returning. Jordan Henderson has already fired a signal. Henderson was stressed out due to the club’s non-fulfillment of contract, and was reportedly disappointed at the small number of spectators in Saudi Arabia, so he sought a transfer. Eventually, Ajax, which has been suffering from a slump this season, reached out to Henderson, and Henderson’s return to Europe was accomplished.

Emeryk Laporte, who left Manchester City for Saudi Arabia, also expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation in Saudi Arabia, saying, “I signed the contract after discussion, but in many cases, I don’t follow the contract later. I try to fight with players. That doesn’t usually happen in Europe.”

Benzema, a former striker who represented France, made his name as a professional player at the prestigious Olympique Lyon in 2004. Later, he joined Real in 2009 and became one of the world’s best strikers. Benzema, in particular, has been active as the world’s best offensive trio by establishing the “BBC Line” with Ronaldo and Gareth Bale.

Since Ronaldo left the team, he has played a key role in offense and led the team. Last season, he won the Ballon d’Or as he led Real to the La Liga title and the UEFA Champions League title.

He has lifted a total of 25 trophies, including five European Champions League titles and four La Liga titles, to rank No. 1 in Real history along with Marcelo, and has accumulated a whopping 354 goals and 165 assists in 647 matches in Real Madrid. If he moves to the EPL, it is natural that much attention will be paid to him.

Benzema, who had a tremendous career in Europe, is preparing to leave Saudi Arabia. If he finishes preparing for his return to Europe, not a few teams are expected to step up to recruit him.

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